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UM Campus Facilities

Faculty will encounter a number of UM facilities, some of which were introduced in the “Purpose” section above.  See a UM Campus Map for building locations.  Buildings that faculty may visit more frequently are:

University Center – The first floor includes the Bookstore, a convenience store, a branch of Missoula Federal Credit Union, a shipping/mail, and Campus Quick copy.  The second floor includes the UM Commons (food court) and game room.  The third floor has a number of meeting rooms, the UC Ballroom, and the UC Theater (shows movies most weekends).

Mansfield Library – Most faculty access the library’s journal databases electronically through the library’s website. Interlibrary Loan materials can also be requested through the website.  Faculty can place materials on electronic reserve at the library.  The library has area-specific reference librarians, including one designated for business subjects, who will come into your class to give a brief overview of how students can access library resources, quote sources, avoid plagiarism, etc.   These reference librarians also consult COB faculty with respect to holdings or journal databases that serve our students and faculty.  Students can also reserve rooms in the library for group meetings.

Lommasson Center –   On the second floor, west end, is the HRS office.  The Food Zoo (all-you-can-eat buffet) is on the main floor, which accepts Bear Bucks.  Students have on-campus interviews with employers in the Career Services offices on the first floor, east end.  This building is a bit odd to navigate, so you may want to allow a few extra minutes to locate a Lommasson office for the first time.

UM Police Department (formerly Public Safety) – Faculty pick up keys, rent fleet vehicles, and deal with parking issues in this office.  It is located just east of the football stadium near the “M” trailhead.

Event Venues – A number of locations on campus host lectures, artistic performances, and other events.  The Montana Theater is west of the Adams Center.  The Masquer Theater is a smaller theater-in-the-round in the same building.  The Dennison Theater is across from the Gallagher Building, slightly south.  The UC Theater is on the third floor of the University Center.  The Music Recital Hall is across from the Gallagher Building in the Music building, first floor.  The Davidson Honors College is on the southeast part of the oval.  The Urey Lecture Hall is underground, so it is tricky to find.  If you are standing in the oval looking down the south pathway, you will see the entrance.  It is between the Math Building and the Davidson Honors College.

IT Central – This is the campus technology support office, located in the Social Sciences building, room 120.  Faculty may have to visit this office if they have UM password or central login issues.  This office can also work with faculty go get VPN access and various software through the UM licensing agreements.  IT Central’s webpage has many resources pertinent to faculty, including free anti-virus software for downloading.

UM Systems 

UM offers a number of IT systems with which faculty interact.  These include:

Cyberbear – holds employee payroll/benefit information, student records, class rosters, and is how faculty enter final grades at the end of the term.  Faculty are expected to learn how to use Cyberbear.

Banner – this is a back-office/enterprise information system managing all student data (interacting with Cyberbear), as well as UM accounting and other administrative data.  Faculty usually do not have a need to interact with Banner, and doing so requires pre-authorization and training.

Degree Works -- This is a student system launching in fall 2016 that has a degree audit feature.  Faculty advisors can review degree progress of any of their advisees and/or encourage students to use the system to make a four-year plan and track progress.  This is replacing Academic Planner.

Moodle – UM’s course management system available for online courses or live courses with an electronic course supplement.  Moodle has a gradebook feature, but those grades do not interface with the Cyberbear system in any way.  A number of student service offices (e.g., COB Advising) uses Moodle to communicate with and deposit resources for specific student populations.  Using Moodle is optional, though it is used for many official UM and COB communications and other purposes.  

Qualtrics - This tool is easy to use for surveys of all types.  Qualtrics allows you to design surveys and then collect/download survey data.  Accessed through your NetID.

Emergency Text MessagesUM students and employees signed up for the emergency text message system will receive a text message alert in the event of a campus emergency. To sign up, log in to Cyberbear and go to Personal Information. Set your preferences in the Emergency Text Messages section.

COB Facilities

The state-of-the-art Gallagher Business Building (GBB) incorporates network, computer, presentation and distance learning technology.  The building is locally networked and connected to the UM network and the Internet. Faculty offices, classrooms, and conference rooms are hard-wire connected to the local network.  The UM Wi-Fi network is available throughout the building.  Partnerships with various high-technology companies, including Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard, have enabled the School to maintain state-of-the-art computer hardware and software.

All faculty offices and COB classes are located in the GBB, and faculty will use many of them. See a map of the GBB.  What follows is an overview of information faculty need with respect to building access:

Keys -- All faculty are issued keys that provides entrance to the front building doors, mailroom, copy room, supply room, and their particular office.  Faculty should take care to keep keys in a safe place at all times and not loan them out to anyone so that building security can be maintained.  If the front building doors are locked, then only authorized personnel are allowed entrance. Please do not allow anyone to enter if you have used your key to unlock them.  

Supply Room – This is a locked, unmarked closet with office supplies available to faculty and staff.  If you need something that you cannot find in the supply room, please see your Department Assistant.  Supplies should be used for COB purposes only.

Copy Room – A large copier is located in a room behind the reception desk.  Faculty are issued a copy number to access the copier. There is also a personal copy log where faculty should enter information for any copies made for non-COB use.  A staff person periodically collects the funds for these non-COB copies.  Faculty can also install the copier as a printer from their office computer.  This is especially helpful for large print jobs or duplexed printing.  Color printing or printing on color is very expensive, and thus discouraged.

Classrooms – Classroom assignments are made by the Room Scheduler, in consultation with the Department Chairs, with class size being the top driver of assignments.  Please direct requests for permanent classroom assignment changes to your Department Chair.  All classrooms are equipped with a networked computer connected to the internet and with DVD capabilities, computer projector, overhead projector, and white boards.  Some classrooms also have a document camera or other technology.  Faculty can check out wireless “clickers” for navigating presentation slides (see Event Scheduler).  If you would like to use your personal laptop as your classroom computer, please contact the Tech Team.  Note that the Tech Team does not provide support for Apple products.

Instructional Labs – GBB has two instructional labs.  L26 is used exclusively for COB classes needing a lab room all semester.  GBB 213 is used primarily on a reservation basis, though some classes may be scheduled here the entire semester.  Contact the Room Scheduler to reserve GBB 213 for selected days.  

Open Computer Labs – GBB 209 is a walk-in UM computer lab that many business students use.  If you have software that you need installed and available to your students in this open lab, please contact the Lab Manager.

Offices – All faculty offices are located in GBB on the third floor.  Faculty offices are assigned based on availability.  As offices become available, they will be assigned primarily on a seniority basis.  Part-time faculty may be asked to share a space with another part-time faculty member with a complementary schedule.  

Conference Rooms – GBB has a number of conference rooms available for make-up exams and meetings.  Please contact the Room Scheduler directly to make a reservation.

Electronic Announcement Boards -- On each level near the elevators are small bulletin boards on easels.  These are for student-focused COB use only, and they are managed by the Room Scheduler. Due to space constraints, postings should be no larger than 8.5" x 11" and posted for no longer than 2 weeks.  Student groups are encouraged to use their bulletin board space on the east side of the first floor.  If they post on the announcement boards, they are limited to one posting at any given time.

COB Systems

Sedona – This is a faculty data management system used to summarize and report faculty activities for internal and external (e.g. CVs, AACSB) purposes. Faculty are expected to maintain 5 years of data in this system.

COB Network – All office and classroom computers and some shared printers are connected to the COB network.  This is a local area network in the Gallagher Business Building and is password-protected.  Only authorized users should access the network.   The network can be used to store information for internal access after an authorized login.  Contact the COB Help Desk to connect to a network printer.  See instructions for mapping a network drive.

Phones – Office phones can be used for on-campus, local, and long-distance dialing.  Dial the 4-digit extension to reach someone on campus.  Dial 9 followed by the number for local calls (area code not needed).  Dial 8, then 1, followed by the area code and the phone number for any long-distance or toll-free numbers.  Phones must be specifically enabled to make international calls.  COB also has conference phones for check-out.  They can be plugged into phone jacks in some, but not all, of the conference rooms.  Please contact your Department Assistant if you need international calling capability or a conference phone.

Announcement Display - On the main floor of GBB are flat screens that run slides of announcements pertinent to students, such as upcoming deadlines, student group meetings, or student opportunities.  Please see the Room Scheduler if you wish to display an announcement.

COB Emergency Procedures

The University of Montana provides periodic training regarding actions you can take in an active-threat situation. Classes will be announced via email, and you can contact the emergency coordinator if you would like more information.The COB Emergency Management plan is currently being written using the new UM template for unit plans.   It will be distributed to faculty separate from this handbook. In the meantime, please feel free to bring any questions to the COB Safety Team Leader, Josh Herbold.

Contact numbers:   

•    In the event of an emergency, call 911 (or 9-911 if dialing from a campus phone) or the Public Safety Office Emergency Reporting number 243-4000 (or 4000 if dialing from a campus phone).

•    In the event of a non-emergency incident, call the Public Safety Office at 243-6131.


These and other numbers are summarized below:



Dialing from Office


Dialing from Cell

911 Call Center



Public Safety Office Emergency Reporting



Public Safety Office non-emergency



Emergency bulletins



Facilities Services Work Order Desk



Curry Health Center



Student Advocacy Resource Center (SARC)



Faculty/Staff Assistance Program



National Suicide Prevention Lifeline



Grizzly Personal Safety



 Also see the Pubic Safety Emergency Contacts list.