Business Services Contact Updates

Luanne Felstet, Geoff Lake, and Cathy Butler accepted the VSO.  Effective 12.31.2017, the following employees in Business Services will be your new contacts for the tasks listed below.  All Business Services Contacts.

Task Description New Contact
Property Management Patrick Fagan
Declaration of Surplus Property Patrick Fagan
MIAT Pool Connor Smith
Physical Inventories Patrick Fagan
Capitalization Guidelines Patrick Fagan
Deferred Revenue Procedures Accounting
Vehicle Licensing Patrick Fagan
Study Abroad Tara Scott
Credit Card Processing John McCormick
Depository Bank Recon & Wires Barb Bybee
Collection Issues (Non-Student A/R) Cheryl Neilson
Montana Interactive (MI) Bank Recon Issues Barb Bybee
Pending Bad Debt Entries Derek Hubbard
Procard Sadie Tabish / Joneal Szwedkowicz
Travel Teddi Reinholz / Debbie Breneman
Invoice Payments Teddi Reinholz / Debbie Breneman / Sadie Tabish / Megan Johnson
Payment Research Teddi Reinholz / Debbie Breneman / Sadie Tabish / Megan Johnson
1099 Scott Klanecky / Bob Hlynosky
Exempt purchase order payments Teddi Reinholz / Debbie Breneman / Sadie Tabish / Megan Johnson
Invoice Scanning Megan Johnson