Fund Accountants

In the event of a question or problem with index codes on journal vouchers, purchase orders, or other Banner and SABHRS documents, the following procedures should be followed:

  • Use the Account Index Code Maintenance Form (FTMACCI) to access the index code in question.
  • Note the associated fund and organization code.
  • Use the following chart to find the appropriate fund accountant/contact.
  • If your department is not listed below, please contact any one of the fund accountants.
Department Accountant Email Extension
Academic Enrichment
         Civic Engagement Tara Scott 5802
         Internship Services Tara Scott 5802
         National Student Exchange Tara Scott 5802
Adams Center Barb Bybee 6261
Alumni Relations Barb Bybee 6261
ASUM Barb Bybee 6261
ASUM Daycare Barb Bybee 6261
BBER Connor Smith 6628
Biological Stations Barb Bybee 6261
Biotechnology Center Patrick Fagan 5742
Broadcast Media Center Connor Smith

Business Services All
Campus Quick Copy Tara Scott 5802
Campus Recreation Barb Bybee 6261
Career Services Patrick Fagan 5742
Center for Biomolecular Structure (CSBD) Patrick Fagan 5742
Center for Integrated Research on the Environment Barb Bybee 6261
CHC Pharmacy Patrick Fagan 5742
CHC Student Insurance Patrick Fagan 5742
College of Arts and Sciences
African-American Studies  Patrick Fagan 5742
Anthropology Patrick Fagan 5742
Biochemistry  Patrick Fagan 5742
Biological Sciences Patrick Fagan 5742
Chemistry and Biochemistry Patrick Fagan 5742
Communication Studies Patrick Fagan 5742
Computer Science Connor Smith 6628
Economics Barb Bybee 6261
English Patrick Fagan 5742
Environmental Studies Patrick Fagan 5742
Geography Connor Smith 6628
Geosciences Barb Bybee 6261
History Patrick Fagan 5742
Latin American Studies Connor Smith 6628
Liberal Studies (Global Humanities and Religions) Connor Smith 6628
Linguistics Barb Bybee 6261
Military Science Patrick Fagan 5742
Math Sciences Connor Smith 6628
Modern/Classical Language Connor Smith 6628
Native American Studies Barb Bybee 6261
Physics and Astronomy Patrick Fagan 5742
Political Science Patrick Fagan 5742
Philosophy Tara Scott 5802
Psychology Barb Bybee 6261
Sociology  Patrick Fagan 5742
Women's and Gender Studies  Tara Scott 5802
College of Education and Human Sciences
Curriculum and Instruction Patrick Fagan 5742
Health and Human Performance Patrick Fagan 5742
Counselor Education Patrick Fagan 5742
Educational Leadership Patrick Fagan 5742
Intercultural Youth and Family Development Patrick Fagan 5742
College of Forestry and Conservation
Ecosystem and Conservation Sciences Patrick Fagan 5742
Forest Management Patrick Fagan 5742
Resource Conservation  Patrick Fagan 5742
Society and Conservation Patrick Fagan 5742
Wildlife Biology Program Patrick Fagan 5742
College of Health Professions and Biomedical Sciences
Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Sciences Patrick Fagan 5742
Skaggs School of Pharmacy Patrick Fagan 5742
Skaggs Pharmacy Practice Patrick Fagan 5742
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science Patrick Fagan 5742
Public and Community Health Sciences Patrick Fagan 5742
School of Social Work Patrick Fagan 5742
Missoula College
Applied Arts and Sciences Barb Bybee 6261
Applied Computing and Electronics Barb Bybee 6261
Business Technology Barb Bybee 6261
Health Professions Barb Bybee 6261
Industrial Technology Barb Bybee 6261
College of Visual and Performing Arts
Art Patrick Fagan 5742
Media Arts Patrick Fagan 5742
Music Patrick Fagan 5742
Theatre and Dance Patrick Fagan 5742
Curry Health Center Patrick Fagan 5742
Davidson Honors College Tara Scott 5802
Dining Services Patrick Fagan 5742
Disability Services Connor Smith 6628
Division of Biological Sciences Patrick Fagan 5742
Educational Research Barb Bybee 6261
Enrollment Services Patrick Fagan 5742
Environmental Health and Risk Management Patrick Fagan 5742
Environmental Health Sciences Barb Bybee 6261
Ethics Barb Bybee 6261
Facilities Services Patrick Fagan 5742
Faculty Senate Barb Bybee 6261
Financial Aid Patrick Fagan 5742
Fiscal Affairs and Budget (FAB) Tara Scott 5802
Foreign Student Services Barb Bybee 6261
Golf Course Barb Bybee 6261
Graduate School Patrick Fagan 5742
Griz Card Barb Bybee 6261
Grizzly Pool Barb Bybee 6261
Human Resources Barb Bybee


Information Technology Connor Smith 6628
Intercollegiate Athletics Barb Bybee 6261
Internal Audit Tara Scott 5802
International Programs Barb Bybee 6261
Law School Patrick Fagan 5742
Law Library Barb Bybee 6261
Mansfield Library Barb Bybee 6261
Lubrecht Barb Bybee 6261
Mansfield Center Barb Bybee 6261
Montana Campus Compact Barb Bybee 6261
Montana NSF Epscor Barb Bybee 6261
Montana World Trade Center Barb Bybee 6261
MT Cooperative Wildlife Barb Bybee 6261
MT Museum of Art & Culture Barb Bybee 6261
O'Connor Center  Barb Bybee 6261
Office of Administration and Finance Tara Scott 5802
Office of the President Patrick Fagan 5742
Office of the Provost Tara Scott 5802
Printing and Graphic Services Connor Smith 6628
Public Health Connor Smith 6628
Public Safety Connor Smith 6628
Registrars Office  Patrick Fagan 5742
Research and Development Barb Bybee 6261
Residence Life Barb Bybee 6261
Rural Institute Patrick Fagan 5742
School of Business Administration
Accounting and Finance Tara Scott 5802
International Business  Tara Scott 5802
Management Information Systems Tara Scott 5802
Management and Marketing Tara Scott 5802
School of Extended and Lifelong Learning (SELL) Patrick Fagan 5742
School of Journalism
Print-Photo Journalism Connor Smith 6628
Radio-Television Connor Smith 6628
Social Work Barb Bybee 6261
Spectral Fusion Barb Bybee 6261
SpectUM Discover Barb Bybee 6261
Student Affairs Tara Scott 5802
University Center Connor Smith 6628
University Legal Counsel Connor Smith 6628
University Relations Connor Smith 6628
University Villages Barb Bybee 6261