Procurement References

Purchasing Office Guidelines for Retention of Procurement Records

Montana Operations Manual - 2003
and Section 18-4-126, MCA:

All procurement records shall be retained, managed, and disposed of in accordance with the state records management program, found in Title 2, chapter 6, MCA. Each state agency must retain the written procurement documentation for the procurements it conducts and administers. The University Business Services-Purchasing Office retains the procurement records for the procurements it conducts and administers. See Purchasing and Procurement Records and Retention Schedule GS4 for details.

The Campuses and Departments of the University are responsible for maintaining the original documentation of all their procurement activities for five years (in the case of Term Contracts it would be for five years after the end of the Term Contract period - i.e. if the term contract is for three years then the records must be kept for eight years, because the retention period continues after the end of the term contract). These documents would include:  Contracted Services Agreements, Invoices, Limited Solicitations, Purchase Orders, and all supporting documents for these purchases. For the Missoula campus -- If the purchases were committed under grant funding, then after the retention period they should be sent to Research Administration for their archive.