Property Management


  • Collects surplus UM office and other equipment.
  • Redistributes surplus UM office and other equipment.
  • Inventories and audits equipment valued over $5,000.
  • Assists with the sale and disposal of surplus assets.

University of Montana - Property/Equipment Policies

Surplus Property

Important Note

Disposal of surplus University property is governed by State law. Some legal points to remember: Dismantling equipment to salvage parts is permissible if approved by Business Services Property Management. All University-owned software and data must be permanently deleted from surplus computers before disposal. 


Equipment/property no longer needed by the University. This includes property that has a remaining useful life, obsolete property, scrap materials, property that has completed its useful life cycle, and damaged property.


A Surplus Declaration must be filled out for any University Property for which the Department no longer has a use.  When you press submit, this form will route to Patrick Fagan and a copy will come back to you asking if everything looks correct.  Patrick will review the form and then will forward it on to Surplus Property with a copy to you letting you know that Facilities Services is opening a work order to remove the property.  At that point, if you have special scheduling issues, you may contact the Work Order desk directly.

Surplus Declaration Form


For questions or concerns regarding surplus equipment please contact:

Patrick Fagan
(406) 243-5742

Tara Scott
Financial Manager
The University of Montana Business Services
Mail Stop 2304
32 Campus Drive Missoula, MT 58012
(406) 243-5802