Asset Acquisition


To purchase an asset, you will fill out a requisition for a purchase order (PO) in GrizMart. As you are creating the requisition, please refer to the following capitalization guidelines; if it meets the threshold, use a 63xxx account code.
Note: if your
requisition has multiple pieces of equipment that can work separately, please indicate the quantity ordered in the requisition itself. This will assist in the tagging & capitalization of this equipment.

If there are 63xxx account codes in the requisition, it will be forwarded onto the Asset Manager (AM), who will then review the submission. Once the requisition has been approved, it will continue through normal procurement procedures.

For questions regarding capital asset procedures and requirements, see Capital Assets

For questions regarding disposal of capital assets, please see Surplus Property-Disposal


For questions or concerns on capital assets/equipment, inventories, and surplus property disposal/transfers, please contact:

Patrick Fagan
Capital Asset Accountant 
Business Services
(406) 243-5742