Surplus Property Disposal


Once an asset has reached the end of its useful life or has become non-functional, the asset may be sent through surplus property.

For assets that were capital equipment purchases valued at $5,000 or more at purchase, please go to Capital Assets.

For equipment that are of value less than $5,000, furniture, or miscellaneous low value items, please go to Minor Surplus.

For all electronic surplus or recycling, including items such as computers, monitors, printers (not photocopiers), ink and toners, etc., please refer to Electronics Recycling.


For questions or concerns on surplus property acquisition, sales or accessibility, please contact:

Chris Newlon
Facilities Services – Maintenance
(406) 243-5200


For questions regarding electronics recycling, please contact:

Derek Kanwischer
Industry Materials Coordinator


For questions or concerns on capital assets/equipment, inventories, and surplus property disposal/transfers, please contact:

Patrick Fagan
Capital Asset Accountant
Business Services
(406) 243-5742


Tara Scott
Financial Manager
Business Services