Minor Surplus

Pickup & Drop-Off Request

Due to COVID-19 guidelines, pick-up and drop-off of surplus property is limited and is taking longer than usual so please plan ahead.

How to Surplus Items that are less than $5,000

All U of M-owned property that does not fall under other criteria and has an original purchase price under $5,000 must go through Surplus Property at Facilities Services to re-purposed on campus, be disposed of or sold.

Each department must place a work order online at (https://www.umt.edu/facilities/submit-work-order.php) 

When creating the work order do the following:

Please list as much information about the item and location as possible

Also set the Type: Moving & Delivery (UMM) & Sub Type: Surplus Furniture Pickup (UMM) or Surplus Minor Equipment (UMM)

This work order must be filled out whether you need Surplus to pick up items or if your department will be dropping items off.

If you wish to drop off yourself, please specify that in the work order, you must contact:

Chris Newlon (Surplus Supervisor) chris.newlon@mso.umt.edu x5200

Mick Alva (Labor Foreman) mick.alva@mso.umt.edu x6042

Due to space constraints and building hours, drop-offs without prior communication will not be accepted, so please make prior arrangements.