College of Business Admissions Procedures

Admission to the Business Administration Major

Business students enter the University of Montana as majors in Business Administration. Students work to complete the following requirements: 9 primary lower cores with a C- or better in each course, and earn 60 cumulative credits with at least a 2.0 GPA (both overall and within their primary lower core courses). Students are also encouraged during this time to finish their secondary lower core courses. During the semester in which students will complete the above underlined requirements, they complete a Major Application through the Business Student Success Center's Moodle page for admission to a major in Accounting, Finance, Business Management, Management Information Systems, Marketing, or International Business (in combination with one other business major).

Primary Lower Core Courses

  • WRIT 101 College Writing I - Prerequisite: WRIT 095D or appropriate SAT/ACT essay score or appropriate score on the UM Writing Placement Assessment. (Students who place into and successfully complete WRIT 201 satisfy WRIT 101 and a lower division writing course requirement.) Autumn semester, WRIT 101 is restricted to students whose last names begin with the letters A-L; Spring is restricted to students whose last names begin with M-Z.
  • M 115/121/151/162 - Prerequisite:  Placement into M 115 or higher-level math course. See Math Placement Exam at
  • STAT 216/SOCI 202/PSYX 222/FORS 201 - Prerequisite: see individual course listings
  • BMIS 270 MIS Foundations of Business - Prerequisite: WRIT 101 with C- or better
  • ECNS 201S Prin. of Microeconomics - Prerequisite: None
  • ACTG 201 Prin. of Financial ACTG - Prerequisite: Completion of M 115/121/151/162 with a C- or better OR concurrent enrollment in M 115/121/151/162 with ACTG 201
  • ACTG 202 Prin. of Managerial ACTG -  Prerequisite: Completion of M 115/121/151/162 and ACTG 201 with a C- or better in each
  • BGEN 105S Intro. to Business - Prerequisite: None
  • BGEN 222 Business Models & Operations - Prerequisite: STAT 216/SOCI 202/PSYX 222/FORS 201 with C- or better

Secondary Lower Core Courses

  • COMX 111A Intro. to Public Speaking - Prerequisite: None
  • ECNS 202S Prin. of Macroeconomics - Prerequisite: ECNS 201
  • BGEN 220E Business Ethics & Social Responsibility - Prerequisite: None