Business Certificate

A business certificate is a great way to gain business knowledge, enhance your understanding of practices and become more marketable to employers. The UM Business Certificate is open to current students, alumni, community members, and students at other colleges. All courses can be taken online and the certificate can be completed in one year.

Sharpening skills with a Business Certificate can provide an advantage, whether you’re pursuing advancement in your current profession or seeking new opportunities.

Even if you have years of experience, attaining professional credentials such as the Business Certificate at the University of Montana College of Business could prove beneficial in a workforce where skills and education are central to meeting the challenges of the global marketplace. Workers need to keep their skills up to date throughout their careers to remain marketable.

The Business Certificate curriculum is also a pathway into the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program at the University of Montana.

To learn more about how the UM Business Certificate can benefit you, contact the Gianchetta Student Success Center ( in Gallagher Business Building L35 or (406) 243-5971.


Students must have completed 60 college credits prior to taking certificate courses and earn a "C-" or better in every course listed below to earn the Business Certificate.

Required Courses

BMGT 440 Management and Legal Systems

3 cr.

BMIS 441 Systems and Operations

3 cr.

BMKT 445 Marketing and Statistics

3 cr.

ACTG 409 Financial Reporting and Control

3 cr.

BFIN 425 Principles of Financial Analysis

3 cr.


15 cr.

See individual course descriptions in the catalog for additional grade and prerequisite requirements.


You DO NOT need to be currently enrolled as a student at the University of Montana to register for the Business Certificate. It is open to current students, alumni, community members, and students at other colleges.

Current students can apply by filling out the form below or by contacting the Gianchetta Student Success Center. The application for non-current students can be accessed by visiting the UM Admissions website.

For more information on the certificate, contact the Gianchetta Student Success Center at