Pursue Your Passions

From the President

"We are working to build upon the gains of the past century and to play our part in making our society not just more equitable, but more innovative and more prosperous for everyone."                           

Our Goal

We are working toward building a $10-million endowment to support women’s entrepreneurship and leadership on UM’s campus. You can help.

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Areas to support:

Online Courses & Curriculum Development

Pursue Your Passions offers accessible, online courses designed for busy women; courses are offered in a self-paced, virtual format so busy students, non-traditional students, women with children, and women across the state can access the program in between their busy schedules. Funds will be used for online entrepreneurial and leadership courses designed for women, but open to all.

Career Development and Community Partnerships

4The Pursue Your Passion program supports students with extraordinary career-related academic experiences and internships that are designed to help them refine their career goals, gain real world experience and secure employment in their chosen field upon graduation. Your gift strengthens these career preparation opportunities for Davidson Honors College students. Resources also help support the QUEST program, which partners teams of Davidson Honors College students with community leaders to address complex local problems.

Impact Fund

123The Impact Fund allows donors to make an immediate difference in Pursue Your Passions priority areas. These unrestricted funds allow for resources to be directed to critical need areas including program development and testing, research, funding a director role and program manager role, and professional development opportunities for instructors and staff.

Faculty, Staff, and Instructors

1Funds will be used for funding a director, program manager, instructors, faculty course “buy-outs,” and professional development opportunities for instructors and staff.

Fellowships and Scholarships

3We intend to grow the number of scholarships available to all Pursue Your Passions students, but our primary goal is to increase the amount we award. Fellowship funds will go to support students and women with a vetted business idea who hope to put their idea into motion. Scholarship funds will go to low-income students and women.

International Training

2Pursue Your Passions focuses on students, but the program also identifies the greater professional world as a barrier to the success of women. Funds will be used to facilitate training for individuals, organizations and other stakeholders that shape and influence the world in which women seek advancement.

Research and Distinguished Speakers

Pursue Your Passions seeks to develop original research and foster collaboration with international experts, speakers, experts, and entrepreneurs who serve as female role models. Fund will be used for exposing students and Montana to cutting edge research, ideas and distinguished women across the globe.