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Cannabusiness, a University of Montana student documentary film, focuses on the personal and professional issues surrounding medical marijuana in the Big Sky State. Sixty-two percent of Montanans voted for the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes in 2004. Since then, the number of medical marijuana caregivers and patients in the state has exploded. There are currently 10,582 patients and 2,635 caregivers in Montana, according to the Montana Department of Health and Human Services.

The legalization of medical marijuana has created a lot of business in Montana, and a lot of problems. As traveling clinics make medical marijuana cards more readily available to walk-in patients, authorities struggle to regulate the use and distribution of the legalized drug. Some cardholders see medical marijuana as a cure to their disease and a more satisfying alternative to heavy prescription narcotics. Others see Montana’s No. 1 cash crop as a business—a cannabusiness.

Nineteen students from the Radio-Television department in the School of Journalism have interviewed doctors, legislators, police officers, caregivers, patients, and community members about the impact of medical marijuana on their lives. These interviews reveal how Montana citizens are struggling to find a balance among the business, health, and legal issues involved with medical marijuana in their communities.

Mission Statement

The student documentary will clarify and inform the progression of medicinal marijuana in Montana. We aim to accomplish this by introducing a diverse group of people living and working in Montana. We will address the many benefits and shortfalls of business, healthcare and legal issues related to marijuana, as we would with any other legal medicine. The film will not harbor bias but will display creativity.


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Special Thanks

"Cannabusiness" could not have been made without the generous efforts of Tom Daubert and Chris Williams of Montana Cannabis, Chris Lindsey, Dr. Chris Christensen of Big Creek Family Medicine, Whitefish Chief of Police Bill Dial, Kalispell Chief of Police Roger Nasset, State Senator Tom Berry, Sergeant Ryan Berry of the Lewistown Police Force, Don Johnson, Mark Higgins and Family, Montannabis, Inc., Montana Pain Management, Montana Caregivers Network, Big Sky Patient Care, Ron Young, Barbara Trego, Dr. Laura Bennett, KULR Billings, KTVQ Billings, KXLH Helena and Marnee Banks, Glendive Public Library, Elder Matt "Speedy" Allen, Misty Carey of Mary Jane's Kitchen, Jim Gingery of Montana Herbal Medicine, Dan Springer of the Missouri River Drug Task Force, Rick Rosio and Montana Pain Management, Pluto's a Planet, The Limns, UM advisors Denise Dowling and Gita Saedi, and the Greater Montana Foundation.