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Our Mission

Career Services provides quality educational, career, and life-planning services to assist students and alumni in achieving their personal and professional goals. We provide an array of services designed to support the university’s academic mission while fostering the out-of-classroom development of the individual.

2017 "Best" Awards

Pinecone Awards and Best Networking Event 2017 Plaque

Best Networking Event

Our Student Employment Fair was voted "Best Networking Event" for the 2017 Best of UM: Inaugural Awards.

You can see Alexandria Harris, Recruiting Coordinator, accept the award at 1:39 in this video

Best in Show - The Golden Pinecone

"Because we wanted to give it every single other award, Career Services takes home the Golden Pinecone for the 2017 year. Its eye-catching graphics and great use of icons provide consistent branding throughout its entire site. Making good use of UM Brand colors and the flexibility of the Template, Career Services exemplifies what the University of Montana's web presence can and should be."

Best Web Content Manager - The Lorax

"For the second year in a row, Rachel Dierken takes home the Lorax. She rebuilt the entire Career Services site, and the finished product is visually stimulating, provides a smooth user experience and has consistent branding throughout. She is always a joy to work with and has helped immensely with other sites."