PAX Good Behavior Game

The PAX Good Behavior Game (PAX GBG) is a school-based universal preventive intervention used to teach self-regulation, self-management and self-control in children. PAX GBG provides educators with strategies to teach social-emotional and behavioral skills along with academics creating a trauma informed nurturing environment. In fact, PAX GBG has been proven to change student brain chemistry with life-long effects that dramatically impact mental health, substance abuse, graduation rates and suicide in our children and communities.

What is PAX?

PAX is a set of easy-to-use strategies implemented in the classroom that teaches students self-regulation, self-control, and self-management in the context of collaborating with others for peace, productivity, health, and happiness.

How does The PAX Good Behavior Game work?

  1. PAX helps students and adults develop a common language and understanding of behavior expectations across all school settings. The teacher and students create a visual map of what they would see, hear, do and feel more and less of in a wonderful classroom.
  2. Adults learn to teach students self-regulation, self-control, and self-management through evidence-based strategies. Teachers use trauma-informed cues to promote pro-social behavior and prevent maladaptive behavior.
  3. With PAX, students learn how to stop and think before transitioning to different environments and develop a growth mindset in regard to improving behavior. Teachers help children view themselves and their peers as “PAX Leaders” who are capable, kind, and successful students.
  4. Teachers create cooperative student groups that play the Good Behavior Game during the school day to increase classroom peace, productivity health, and happiness.
  5. Through PAX, children learn to turn their attention voluntarily, manage excitement; handle distractions and disappointments and cooperate for common goals with other people of differing abilities and skills.

Interested in Implementing PAX 2023- 2024

The Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services and the University of Montana are seeking Districts interested in implementing the PAX Good Behavior Game (PAX GBG) with fidelity in their elementary schools for the 2023-2024 school year. Participating districts will receive training and materials and a mini-grant to help cover costs for team planning and materials. 

2023 PAX Districts

Video: A Montana teacher's perspective on PAX.