Small Molecule X-Ray Diffraction Facility

Mission Statement

The Small Molecule X-ray Diffraction Core is operated through the Center for Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics (CBSD) and is funded by an NIH CoBRE grant, University support funds, an NSF MRI award and in part, by user fees. The core provides support, expertise, and infrastructure to scientists that use X-ray crystallography as a tool to determine the three-dimensional atomic structures of organic and inorganic molecules. We offer expertise and guidance on crystallization for X-ray crystal structure analysis. We collect diffraction data from crystals and solve crystal structures. We can collect high-resolution diffraction data and determine chirality. Computational resources are available for X-ray data processing, structure determination, refinement, and visualization. The Facility also provides a resource for training, education, and consultation in X-ray crystallography techniques to allow individual investigators of any experience level to initiate and successfully complete an X-ray diffraction experiment. Additionally, we have a full-color 3D printer to convert X-ray diffraction data into life-size models of crystal structures.