Center researchers featured at health department COVID-19 briefing

October Update: On 10/22/2020, Dr. Semmens and Dr. Walker presented a third epidemiological update at a MCCHD COVID-19 press briefing. Please view the recording here.

August Update: Dr. Semmens and Dr. Walker presented at another MCCHD COVID-19 press briefing on 8/19/2020. The recorded briefing can be viewed here.

CPHR researcher Erin Semmens and post-doctoral fellow Ethan Walker were featured in April at a press briefing by the Missoula City-County Health Department (MCCHD). The briefing included COVID-19 epidemiological profiles as well as data from a Missoula-specific COVID-19 prediction model developed by CPHR professor Erin Landguth. The COVID-19 Epidemiology Information for Missoula County is regularly updated by Drs. Semmens and Walker for the MCCHD community information webpage. Drs. Semmens and Walker, along with CPHR Director Dr. Curtis Noonan, serve as members of MCCHD's Epidemiology Situation Unit. This continued collaboration represents an important example of the Academic Health Department, established in Fall 2019 between MCCHD and UM’s School of Public and Community Health Sciences. You can watch the full press briefing online via Missoula's Community Media Resource here (4/30/2020).