Planning Timeline & Checklist

Timeline for Summer Camps and Short-Term Summer Housing at UM

  • At least one year out from proposed summer program: contact UM Events Services for housing availability, event and sports venue availability, and receive tentative quote for venues and services. UM Housing is booked on a first come first serve basis.
  • February/March receive UM summer housing & meals contract with assigned Resident Hall and final room and board pricing.
  • By March or earlier, select and schedule outdoor recreation and on campus activities for best availability.
  • 14 business days out from program start date, turn in complete and final participant list information in the required format. Changes cannot be accommodated after the list is submitted and you will be charged for all overnight rooms and meals on the list.
  • You will receive an invoice about 2 weeks following the end of the program. Payment is due in full within 30 days of invoice.

Planning Checklist for Summer Camps, Conferences, Groups


  1. How many people will require campus overnight housing?
  2. What is the breakdown of numbers by male and female?
  3. Will there be any minors attending the program? If so, UM's "Minors on Campus" Requirements must be met.
  4. Live-In Staff members are required for housing minors on campus.
  5. What is exact date and time of arrival?
  6. What is your exact date and time of departure?
  7. Will anyone be arriving earlier or departing later then the scheduled program date and time?
  8. Are there any special accommodation (medical or physical) needs of any participants?
  9. How is your group affiliated with the University of Montana? Non-affiliates will be charged a MT State bed tax.
  10. Be prepared to supply all of the required information for each participant:
    1. First and Last Name
    2. Staff or Participant
    3. Gender
    4. Staff Contact Information
    5. Emergency Contact Information
    6. Arrival Date
    7. Departure Date
    8. Preferred Roommate
    9. Single or Double Room Occupancy Preference
    10. Special Accommodations
    11. Contract Meals and Dates


  1. How many people will use campus dining facilities?
  2. What will be the break down by breakfast, lunch, dinner for specific dates?
  3. Are there any special dietary/allergy or physical accommodations needed?
  4. Will you be requesting any meals outside of the dining hall. Catered on or off campus? Meals to-go for field trips?

Parking & Transportation:

  1. Will your group be arriving in a bus that requires parking? Or
  2. Will individuals be arriving in multiple vehicles which you will want to park on campus?
  3. Will you need some 1 day passes or a 5-day pass?
  1. Do I have transportation scheduled to and from field trips, outings, and the airport? UM Event Services can assist with arranging transportation through ASUM Transportation our on-campus bus service for in town transportation.
  2. Are the Missoula airlines aware of the size of my group flying out? You may need to ask for additional desk attendant ahead of time to process check-in.

Risk Management:

  1. Did I provide proof of General Liability Insurance? UM Requires Proof of General Liability Insurance $1,000,000/occurrence with a $2,000,000 aggregate with UM endorsed as additionally insured. See FAQ for more details.
  2. All UM Affiliated Summer Camps and Programs are required to report your camp to the UM Risk Management office at 406-243-2700.
  3. Have my onsite leaders and participants signed up for UM campus emergency alert system?
  4. Do I know what participants have specific medical conditions and have a plan in place for treatment if necessary?
  5. Do I have a way for participants to keep track of their room/meal access card such as a lanyard or name badge holder?
  6. Did I tell my participants that minors will not have resident hall outdoor access between 10pm and 7am? They must have an adult with them to get back in the building?
  7. Did I tell my leaders and participants that firearms are prohibited on UM property?