About CIRE

Mission Statement

Our mission is to maintain mission readiness for the Department of Defense through the completion of applied projects and deliverables in the cultural and natural sciences and beyond.  We work with the Department of Defense and the US Army Corps of Engineers, as well as other agencies, foundations, or private organizations that have identified crucial problems affecting the nation.

Who We Are

The Center for Integrated Research on the Environment (CIRE) is a center at the University of Montana organized within a suite of “areas of expertise, applied research and technical support” with specific roles and responsibilities strategically designed to address the particular needs of our clients and the deliverables for specific projects.  We work most closely with the US Army Corps of Engineers and the Department of Defense, but also with other agencies, foundations and private organizations to accomplish specific project goals and meet deliverables.  CIRE is organized to maximize project coordination and response efficiencies on the UM campus and employs a Management Team to interface with various departments on campus.

Dr. Ragan Callaway serves as the Principal Investigator/Program Director of CIRE projects.  The Management Team’s responsibilities include program management within the larger University, coherence with university research policy, contracting and fiduciary responsibilities including pre- and post-award adherence to all federal, state and university laws and regulations, and meeting all federal, state and university employment regulations.

The Management Team is at the very core of CIRE and is responsible for the completion of deliverables, data collection, support, and management goals of the contract and service to the “client”.  The Management Team oversees two overarching topical divisions: a Natural Resources Division and a Cultural Resources Division.  The CIRE Management Team is responsible for overall program management and serves as the primary contact between the University and the client.  The Management Team is composed of the CIRE Administrative Staff and the Project Managers who oversee the execution of Tasks associated with the Scopes of Work in a contract between CIRE and our clients.