Research Opportunities

The Center for Integrated Research on the Environment (CIRE) offers a diverse program that calls for interested University of Montana students to apply for research or scholarly activities.  These activities are funded through projects awarded to CIRE in the areas of natural and cultural resources.  Examples of general topic areas encompassed within the CIRE task orders include, but are not exclusive to: endangered species and protection, invasive species management, artifact curation and/or restoration, military-tribal consultation, evaluation of cultural resources on military properties, to name a few.  Check UM Jobs frequently to see CIRE's job postings. 



*Pending Funding Availability - Internship Summer 2022*

Pending a project award to CIRE, a 2022 summer internship with CIRE's Wildland Fire Support Module will be funded. This will be a rare opportunity for UM students interested in Wildland Fire and applied Prescribed Fire techniques to not only see, but participate on a professional Wildland Fire Support Module located on an Air Force Base.