IT Senate



The  charge  of IT Senate is to provide a forum for initiation, evaluation and prioritization of IT strategic initiatives, and to recommend IT strategic directions to the President’s Cabinet that are aligned with University goals and aspirations.


Renae Scott, Chief Information Officer

CO-CHAIRS (elected by IT Senate)

        Antony Jo, Tech Partners, Student Affairs


FACULTY (Four)  

Eric Reimer, English

Michael Cassens, Media Arts

Paul Janzen, Physics and Astronomy (2020)

Laurie Slovarp, Speech Language and Hearing Disorders (2020)

STAFF (One)  

Stella Phipps, Academic Enrichment

Pope Ashworth, University Data Office


Julian Adler

Sarah Colenso


Judy Fredenberg, Research Administration

Frank Crady, Admin and Finance

John Greer, Academic Affairs

Aaron Heiner, Intercollegiate Athletics

Scott Holgate, Information Technology

Antony Jo, Tech Partners, Student Affairs

Roger Maclean, School for Extended and Lifelong Learning

Karen Moore, Banner Mod Squad

Jesse Neidigh, Student Affairs

Brad Reardon, UM Foundation

Jennifer Sauer, University Relations

Ex-Officio (Non-voting)  

Claudia Denker-Eccles, Associate Legal Counsel

Joe Hickman, Registrar (or designee)

Bob Hlynosky, Business Services

Adrian Irish, Information Technology Security

Support Staff  

Gordy Pace, IT Communications Director, Information Technology


Updated September 2019