Communication 398: Internships


Heather Voorhees, Professor

Internship Description and Objectives

An internship is a cooperative education effort between you, an employer or organization, and your academic department. The program provides an opportunity to integrate academic study with applied experience. Internships provide valuable career experience and help to build your resume.

You may enroll in COMM 398 for up to 3 credits per semester (or up to 3 credits for the combination of the first and second summer sessions) with a Pass/No Pass grading option. (Note: You can only take a maximum of 6 credits of internship and a maximum of 9 credits combining internship and independent study).

Types of COMM internships

Internships can take place in a wide variety of sites: business, governmental, educational, or nonprofit organizations. The nature of each internship varies depending on the needs of the organization and the needs of the intern. Some internships involve doing regular kinds of work functions for an organization while others focus on completing a particular project. The nature of your internship is something that you should discuss with the faculty advisor.

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