Compliance snips

Compliance Snip – Emergency Operation Plan

Active shooter, bomb treat, receipt of suspicious letter, earthquake, building fire, hazardous material, severe weather, violence on campus, utility outage, medical emergency, flood, wildfire, volcanic ash... all potential threats to the University of Montana (UM)! But... are we prepared? Short answer... YES!

Does UM have an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP)? Yes, UM has an EOP. The EOP is designed to provide the University of Montana with a management tool to facilitate a timely, effective, efficient, and coordinated emergency response.

Which organizations and individual positions have been identified as responsible? Each building has been provided with a template to develop and customize their specific Emergency Action Plan (EAP) as an integral part of the overall EOP and emergency management system UM will deploy in case of an emergency.

What does the EAP outline? The EAP provides each building's established protocols for mitigating, preparing for, responding to, and recovering from a variety of possible emergencies or disasters.

Which individual positions have been outlines in the EAP? Each building has designated an Emergency Plan Coordinator and Emergency Coordinators/ Emergency Support Team to execute the EAP.

Where can I find more information? Chuck Emnett, Safety Program & Associate Emergency Manager, coordinates the overall execution of UM's EOP and the individual EAPs. Contact him at or 243-4504.