Cyber Security

Are you unsure how to keep your computer and other electronics secure? Here are some helpful tips when it comes to Cyber Security at the University of Montana!

Around the Office:

How do I keep my computer secure?

  • Computers should require a log-in.
  • Computers should be kept up-to-date. Never delay applying updates. If unsure about an update notification, contact IT Central (243-4357).
  • Computers should be powered down or in sleep when not in use.
  • Computers should be locked when away from the workstation. This is essential when dealing with confidential information. All versions of Mac and Windows provide quick and easy ways to lock the system. Consult your IT support person or call IT Central for details.

Other Electronics?

  • Avoid using easily lost or stolen devices such as flash drives and memory cards when transferring confidential data.
  • If you must use such devices to transfer or store confidential information, then the device or data should be encrypted.
  • Printers should be correctly configured and any default passwords changed.


How do I identify potentially harmful emails?

  • If multiple emails are sent with no reason, it is most likely spam and should be marked, deleted, or sent to as an attachment.
  • If an email is received requesting sensitive information, has spelling/grammatical errors, or is from an address which looks legit except for a letter or two, it is probably phishing for sensitive information and should be reported the same as spam and should be cc’d. Do not follow any links from a suspicious email.
  • Be especially wary of unsolicited emails with attachments.
  • Examples of phishing can be found on the Information Security phishing page.


How do I protect myself while traveling?

  • Always back-up information before traveling, and if possible, take a clean device.
  • Never use public computers to access personal/sensitive information while traveling.
  • Do not connect to wireless networks if you are unsure. When in doubt, ask someone who knows which network to use.
  • More travel tips can be found at Information Security Tips for Travelers.

Theft / Mysterious Disappearance:

Immediately report any lost or stolen computers or devices to the Risk Management and Insurance director at 243-2700. Report any suspicious computer activity, including any possibly exposed sensitive data to Adrian Irish, IT Security Officer, 243-6375 or

Confused, questions, or need more information? Contact Adrian Irish, IT Security Officer, 243-6375 or or visit Security Awareness Training.