Certificate in Computer Programming

Programming is an essential skill for solving problems in many fields. Programming gives maximum flexibility in processing and understanding data, constructing computational models, and building user-friendly applications. Programming skills are in high demand in the marketplace. Completing this certificate could be the first step towards a career that involves software development.

Students will apply object-oriented principles to develop software systems. Students will learn to apply and program data structures like lists, trees, and hash tables. The elective course allows students to learn about software engineering, web programming, mobile device programming, or user interface design.  

Certificate in Computer Programming Requirements

Required Courses (10 credits)

  • CSCI 151 Fundamentals of Computer Science I 
  • CSCI 152 Fundamentals of Computer Science II
  • CSCI 232 Intermediate Data Structures and Algorithms

Elective course (3-4 credits)

Students must complete one of the following courses:

  • CSCI 205 Programming C/C++
  • CSCI 323 Software Science
  • CSCI 340 Database Design
  • CSCI 411 Advanced Web Programming
  • CSCI 412 Game and Mobile App
  • CSCI 443 User Interface Design

Minimum required grade for all classes: C-