Maintain Buildings and Facilities


University facility groups are taking actions in light of COVID-19 to provide a safe working and learning environment for our students, faculty, staff and visitors. The facility groups will continue to adjust policy and guidance based upon the latest public health information, regulatory guidance and peer best practices.

UM Custodial

The University’s enhanced cleaning plan includes the use of a disinfectant that has been pre-approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for use against emerging enveloped viral pathogens, including the 2019 novel coronavirus. UM cleaning crews use Oxivir Tb, a one-step odorless hospital-grade disinfectant cleaner. Oxivir Tb disinfectant spray is non-hazardous and non-corrosive, and the active ingredients break down to oxygen and water after use.

Facilities custodians will perform regular cleaning daily and disinfecting with cleaners indicated for COVID-19 on a weekly basis.

Curry Health Center hires and maintains its own custodial staff to ensure cleaning guidelines for a health care facility are met on a daily and ongoing basis. Procedures currently exist to address timely cleaning needs. The CHC facility is cleaned throughout the day with special attention to traditional contact areas (e.g., door handles, stair railing, contact surfaces at reception areas, waiting areas and rest rooms). Personal hygiene products are checked and replenished throughout the day.

Continue to monitor best practices, as well as literature from The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers and Association of Physical Plant Administrators, as it relates to campus ventilation systems. Facilities Services will concentrate on ensuring existing mechanical systems are operating and performing as designed. This will include monitoring systems via the building automation system, addressing failures and performing preventative maintenance tasks as scheduled. Facilities Services will continue to adjust its strategy as new information is released and as existing system limitations and resources allow. 

Healthy Hygiene Practices

Facilities Services will install 360 wall-mounted hand sanitizer dispensers and 160 wall-mounted disinfectant wipes dispensers in state buildings (each dispenser holds 700 wipes). Students, staff and faculty are encouraged to use disinfectant wipes from dispensers to clean classroom spaces they will use. "Health Griz Kits are available. Each kit will contain one Oxivir Tb disinfectant spray bottle (1 quart), two microfiber cloths, a 16-oz. hand sanitizer and an information card explaining how to use the products.

Soap dispensers are located in all public restrooms. Custodial crew will check dispensers daily to ensure product is well-stocked