COVID Operations Plan

University of Montana Health Fall 2020 on maroon background, photo of grizzly bear statue wearing a mask on right side


The University of Montana has updated its COVID-19 operating plan to reflect current impacts of COVID-19 on campus and in the Missoula Community. This plan represents thoughtful and collaborative efforts to incorporate the best medical information about COVID-19, the current guidelines for workplace safety, instructional design for a variety of delivery modalities, protocols for campus living, procedures for research and important considerations for facilities, campus safety, transportation, housing, dining, athletics and events.

Our efforts have been informed by health experts within UM’s College of Health in collaboration with local hospitals, the Missoula City-County Public Health Department and the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services. Central to our planning is the acknowledgment that our campus environment will include a mix of COVID-19 vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals. We've incorporated the updated CDC guidance for Institutions of Higher Education, with particular focus on guidance for campuses where not everyone is fully vaccinated.

If you have questions, concerns or comments regarding this plan, please contact Paula Short at 406-243-5806 or via email at or any of the team members listed below who were vital its development.


A Team of Teams

Leading through COVID-19 at the University of Montana requires a holistic and integrated approach. We’ve structured this work in teams, each designed with subject matter experts, design thinkers, collaborators and problem-solvers. Here are the teams who have been integral in drafting the Montana Healthy Fall 2020 Plan and the updated Campus COVID Operations Plan:

President’s Cabinet, Executive Leadership and Academic Deans

Alicia Arant, Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Interim Director, Title IX Coordinator

Charity Atteberry, Chair, Staff Senate

Laurie Baefsky, Dean, College of the Arts and Media

Barry Brown, Interim Dean, Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library

Lucy France, Legal Counsel

Tom Gallagher, Dean, Missoula College

Taylor Gregory, ASUM President

Rozlyn Haley, Past Chair, Staff Senate

Kent Haslam, Director, Intercollegiate Athletics

Reed Humphrey, Acting Provost

Paul Kirgis, Dean, Alexander Blewett III School of Law

Paul Lasiter, Vice President for Operations and Finance

Adrea Lawrence, Dean, Phyllis J. Washington College of Education

Nathan Lindsay, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Marketa Marvanova, Acting Dean, College of Health

Tim Nichols, Dean, Davidson Honors College

Chris Palmer, Chair, Faculty Senate

Terri Phillips, Associate Vice President for Human Resource Services

Zach Rossmiller, Acting Chief Information Officer

Paula Short, University Relations and Strategic Communications

Megan Stark, President, University Faculty Association

Sarah Swager, Vice Provost for Student Success

Alan Townsend, Dean, W.A. Franke College of Forestry and Conservation

Kelly Webster, Chief of Staff

Scott Whittenburg, Vice President for Research and Creative Scholarship

Health Advisory Group

The Health Advisory Group is composed of experts from UM’s College of Health and the College of Humanities to advise campus leaders about the best practices for mitigating risk of COVID-19 transmission. The effort of this group are focused in four key areas: mitigation, testing, tracing and isolation/quarantine as they relate specifically to COVID-19. Membership also includes experts from Missoula City County Health Department and Providence St. Patrick Hospital in Missoula:

Reed Humphrey, Dean, College of Health

Sophia Newcomer, Center for Population Health Research

Curtis Noonan, Director, School of Public and Community Health Sciences

Tony Ward, Chair and Professor, School of Public Health and Community Health Sciences

John DeBoer, Interim Dean, College of the Arts and Media

Dr. Jeff Adams, Medical Director, Curry Health Center

Doug Emlen, Emlen Lab, Division of Biological Sciences

Chuck Emnett, Safety Program Manager, Associate Emergency Manager

Brandon Cooper, Assistant Professor, Division of Biological Sciences

JC Weida, Athletic Trainer, Intercollegiate Athletics

Dr. Robert Cruikshank, Family Medicine Residency of Western Montana

Tamara Powers, RN, Infection Prevention Coordinator, Providence St. Patrick Hospital

Winifred Kessler, BSN, RN, CEN Infection Prevention, Providence St. Patrick Hospital

Dr. Robert Stenger, Program Director, Family Medicine Residency of Western Montana

Karen Behan, Clinic Coordinator, Curry Health Center

Zach Scott, Research Administration

Jason Sloat, Risk Manager, Office of Risk Management

Dr. Darin Bell, Family Medicine Residency of Western Montana

Ellen Bluett, PhD, Family Medicine Residency of Western Montana

Ellen Leahy, Health Officer, Missoula City-County Health Department

Dr. Amy Matheny, Family Medicine Residency of Western Montana

Joyce Dombrouski, Chief Executive, Providence Montana

Instructional Planning Group

The instructional planning group developed the framework for the planning area described as “Deliver Quality Instruction” with focused effort in four key areas: instructional modalities, classroom spaces, labs and performance spaces, and sharing information.

Nathan Lindsay, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Art Woods, Professor, Division of Biological Sciences

Haley Hostetler, Scheduling and Program Coordinator, Office of the Registrar

Mika Watanabe, Lead Coordinator, Disability Services

Nancy Clouse, Senior Instructional Designer and Instructional Design Manager

John Greer, Head of Technology and Systems Services, Mansfield Library

Maricel Lawrence, Executive Director, UMOnline

Bonnie (Holzworth) Pace, Associate Registrar

Victor Valgenti, Associate Professor, Missoula College

Tom McClintock, Program Coordinator, Office of the Provost

Tony Ward, Chair and Professor, School of Public Health and Community Health Sciences

Klaus Uhlenbruck, Associate Dean and Professor, College of Business

James Randall, Director, School of Music/Associate Professor of Music History

Zachary Reddig, Assistant Professor, Welding Technology, Missoula College

Taylor Gregory, President, ASUM

Sean Boushie, Equipment/Lab Technician and Supergisor, Division of Biological Sciences

Andrea Vernon, Interim Director of Experiential Learning and Career Success

Amy Kinch, Director, Office of Organizational Learning and Development

Jason Granvold, Computer Support Specialist, Undergraduate Advising

James Flanagan, Vice President, ASUM

Research and Creative Scholarship

Scott Whittenburg, Vice President for Research and Creative Scholarship

Scott Mills, Associate Vice President of Research for Global Chance and Sustainability

Kyle Unruh, Director, Office of Sponsored Programs

Zach Scott, Director, Research Compliance and Technology Transfer

Paula Baker, Office of the Vice President for Research and Development

Kathy Heivilin, Biosafety Officer

Kelly Carrick, Lab Animal Resources Facility Manager

Pam Broussard, Lab Animal Resources, Research Administration

UM Housing

Sandy Curtis, Executive Director for Housing & Community Standards

Melissa Neidigh, Associate Director of Operations

Carol Hardy. Associate Director of Business Operations

Brad Hall, Associate Director of Facilities

John Nugent, Assistant Director

Pamela Altmaier, Assistant Director

Harley Lathrop, Custodial Supervisor

Robin Joseph, Office Manager

Kelly Magnuson, Associate Director for Community Standards

Campus Dining

Byron Drake, Interim Director, University of Montana Campus Dining

Patrick Browne, Associate Director, Residential Dining

Clay Meissner, Associate Director, Business Operations, Campus Dining

Events and Welcoming Students/Visitors to Campus

Adrianne Smith, Director for the University Center and James E. Todd Center

Shannon Brilz, Conference Event Services Director

Chuck Maes, Senior Associate AD for Facilities and Events

Brandon Kress, Assistant Director, Operations Adams Center

Intercollegiate Athletics

Kent Haslam, Director of Athletics

J.C. Weida, Head Athletic Trainer

Chuck Maes, Senior Associate AD, Facilities and Events

Tia Fluri, Assistant AD, Internal Operations and Events

Jean Gee, Senior Associate AD, Student Affairs and Compliance/SWA

Ryan Martin, Senior Associate AD, Chief Financial Officer

Greg Sundberg, Senior Associate AD, External Operations/GSA Executive Director

Provide Student Support Services

Andrea Vernon, Interim Director of Experiential Learning and Career Success

Michelle Guzman, Director, American Indian Student Services

Brian French, Executive Director, Office for Student Success

Kevin Rumpca, Director, Veterans Education/Transition Services

Devin Carpenter, Director, New Student Experience

Amy Capolupo, Director Disability Services for Students

Sandy Curtis, Director, UM Housing

Steve Thompson, Director, Campus Recreation

Rick Curtis, (Retired), Administrator, Curry Health Center

Byron Drake, Interim Director, Campus Dining

Chris Fiore, Professor of Clinical Psychology

Staff Campus Operations

Paul Lasiter, Vice President for Operations and Finance

Stacey Eve, Budget Director and University Budget Officer

Terri Phillips, Associate Vice President for Human Resource Services

Ann Guiditta, Administrative Associate, Human Resource Services

Sara Drake, Director of Labor Relations, Human Resource Services

Michelle Wheeler, Workers’ Compensation Coordinator, Human Resource Services

Dan Jenko, Controller, Business Services

Maintain Buildings and Facilities

Kevin Krebsbach (Retired), Director, Facilities Services

Jameel Chaudry, Architect, Facilities Services

Tim Elliott, Assistant Director for Custodial Services

Paul Trumbley, Associate Director of Engineering and Utilities

Peggy Schalk, Associate Director of Fiscal Operations, Facilities Services

Provide Campus Transportation

Jordan Hess, Director of Transportation, ASUM

Gwen Coon, Office Manager, ASUM

Daniel Gundlach, Transportation Supervisor, ASUM

Ethan Hanley, Business Manager, ASUM

Bynum Jackson, Transportation Supervisor, ASUM

Mike Sharp, Fleet Coordinator, Facilities Services

Laurie Yung, Professor, W.A. Franke College of Forestry and Conservation

Campus Safety and Security

Marty Ludemann, Chief, UM Police Department

Chris Croft, Lieutenant, UM Police Department

Chuck Emnett, Safety Program Manager, Associate Emergency Manager

Members of the Expanded Campus Preparedness and Response Group Not Previously Listed

Claudine Cellier, Director of Operations, Office of the Provost

Gordy Pace, Director of Strategy and Governance, Information Technology

Lisa Swallow, Program Director and Associate Professor, Accounting Technology, Missoula College

Cheryl Galipeau, Program Director and Associate Professor, Administrative Mgmt., Missoula College

Violet Hopkins, Academic Advisor, Undergraduate Advising

Deena Mansour, Executive Director, Mansfield Center

Marja Unkuri-Chaudry, Director of Education Abroad and Partnerships

Donna Anderson, Senior International Officer and Executive Director, Global Engagement Office

Grace Gardner, Director of UM Summer

Kate Duran, Associate Legal Counsel

Sheryl Brown, Director, Adams Center

Jessica Shontz, Administrative Associate Manager, Office of the President

Brady Schwertfeger, Computer Support Specialist, Facilities Services

Stephanie Domitrovich, Academic Advisor, Health and Human Performance

Dan Bowling, Web Technology Manager, Information Technology

Pam Boyd, Assistant Professor, Nursing, Missoula College

Special thanks to the team in Marketing and Strategic Communications for their work to compile, edit, post and publish university's coronavirus website.