Provide Food Services

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Campus Dining at the UM handles all food service on campus. Thirteen distinct service areas employ 450 students, 62 classified employees and up to 120 temporary employees. During the academic year, several operations are open seven days a week and hours range from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Campus Dining partners with several third-party vendors to provide additional dining opportunities and value.

MUS Guidelines and UM Plans

MUS Guideline 1: Establish hours of operation that allow for facility occupancy that meets social distancing guidelines and allows proper cleaning and sanitation. Specific approaches should draw from established CDC guidelines and ACHA guidelines.

MUS Guideline 2: Require all dining facility staff to wear face masks and gloves while working and interacting with the public.

MUS Guideline 3: Plan to limit the number of individuals dining in a single facility at one time. Dining hall capacity should achieve appropriate physical distancing of diners, and, once the target capacity is reached, an additional individual should only be allowed entry when another leaves.

MUS Guideline 4: Eliminate buffet-style, self-serve food and beverage stations and replace with staff-served meal stations.

MUS Guideline 5: Develop traffic flow patterns and seating arrangements for each venue that allow for social distancing and discourage unnecessary congregating. Physically spaced (6-foot) floor markers should be used for waiting lines outside and inside the facility. Inside the facility there should be an appropriately limited number of tables and chairs per table.

MUS Guideline 6: Promote more pre-order, curbside pick-up, delivery, and “grab-and-go” food service options.

MUS Guideline 7: Arrange for food delivery to students in isolation or quarantine.

MUS Planning Considerations

MUS Planning Consideration 1:Consider establishing staggered mealtimes for sit-down venues with specified times for students (residential and non-residential), employees, and visitors.

MUS Planning Consideration 2: Consider establishing additional food service facilities (including food trucks) on campus to allow for greater social distancing and less congregation.