Staff Campus Operations

University of Montana Healthy Fall 2020 on maroon background with photo of Grizzly Bear statue wearing mask at the right


The University of Montana has developed its General Health and Safety Guidelines – Mitigations for SARS-CoV-2 providing broad guidance for employees. The primary goals of the University’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic are to protect public health and continue the institution’s vital missions of education and research. The complete guidelines are available on the University’s coronavirus website.

MUS Guidelines and UM Plans

MUS Guideline 1: Design staffing and facility use plans to mitigate health risks for employees and students. These plans may include:

  • Redesigned physical spaces, designated traffic flow patterns, and use of physical barriers such as plexiglass where feasible.
  • Adjusted staffing schedules and operational hours that allow for staggered work shifts, rotating teams in each operational area, and more social distancing for staff and students.

MUS Guideline 2: Plan a strategy for reasonable work accommodations for employees with heightened risk from COVID-19 exposure.

MUS Guideline 3: Where relevant, consult with employee unions as staffing strategies are developed.

MUS Guideline 4: Ensure that employee work calendars comply with contractual obligations.

MUS Guideline 5: For student-facing business operations (e.g. financial aid, business services, etc.) supplement in-person service with remote delivery options whenever possible, with an emphasis on phone/tablet accessibility.

MUS Planning Considerations

MUS Planning Consideration 1: In consultation with OCHE, consider using shared services procurement with other MUS campuses when the need for new business operations technologies and services arises.

MUS Planning Consideration 2: Consider updating office/department websites to make it easier for current and prospective students to understand necessary documentation and processes.