July 10, 2020: UM Releases Healthy Fall 2020 Plan

University of Montana Healthy Fall 2020 Plan

Dear UM family,

Today, we are releasing the University of Montana Healthy Fall 2020 plan, which is available online on UM’s COVID-19 page under the Fall 2020 tab.

I want to thank every member of our community who contributed to this plan. On the website, you’ll see the names of more than 100 of our faculty and staff colleagues, students and community members who served on a variety of planning teams to craft our strategy. Additionally, likely hundreds more contributed by attending listening sessions, sending emails, sharing information, forwarding links to resources, sending ideas and providing additional feedback. Our plan is better for all of this input hard work.

Additional, hard work remains as we begin to operationalize the recommendations in the plan. From faculty to facilities, athletics to auxiliaries, we will devote many minds and hours to continue preparing campus for the fall term. Thank you for your continued support of this important work.

As you look through the plan, please know that this will continue to be a work in progress. As we get new guidance, more information or need to adapt, we will update the plan. Your input will continue to be vital to this process, and I encourage you to continue to engage as we move forward.

Be safe,

President Seth Bodnar
University of Montana