General Health and Safety Guidelines

June 10, 2020

Dear UM colleagues,

I write today to share the General Health and Safety Guidelines developed by UM’s Health Advisory Group, a group composed of faculty experts from the College of Health, College of Humanities and Sciences, staff and administrators – all in collaboration with Missoula City-County Health Department. You may recall from my message last Friday that on June 18 we will release the far more detailed UM Healthy Fall 2020 plan, which will include the General Health and Safety Guidelines we are releasing today, as well as campus-specific guidance for each of the 11 planning areas identified in the guidance issued for the Montana University System.

These General Health and Safety Guidelines provide important context for our planning for the fall semester. Together with the campus-specific guidance that will be released next week, we will have a thoughtful and intentional plan for safely welcoming students to campus in August while mitigating risk for all members of the UM family.

As a reminder, the 11 planning areas we’re addressing in the more detailed campus-specific guidance are:

  • Deliver Quality Instruction (to include curriculum and also classroom workspace considerations)
  • Conduct Research and Creative Scholarship
  • Provide Student Housing
  • Provide Food Services
  • Events and Welcoming Students/Visitors to Campus
  • Athletics
  • Provide Student Support Services
  • Staff Campus Operations
  • Maintain Buildings and Facilities
  • Provide Campus Transportation
  • Campus Safety and Security

The first draft of this campus-specific guidance will be available June 18. From June 18-July 3, we will invite campus to review both documents, provide input and ask questions about the plan to help ensure we capture as many planning considerations as possible. Information about Zoom sessions and a Qualtrics survey for providing input will be shared soon.

From there, we will revise and edit the documents and create a website where users can easily access the indexed information.

I want to again thank the many UM employees and students who are engaged in this effort. The manner in which our colleagues have approached this enormous challenge is inspiring.