June 17, 2021

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UM in the Summer – Thank You Grounds Maintenance Team

We all know that the UM campus frequently is designated as one of the most beautiful in America, and walking around in the summer affirms the worthiness of the claim. Not COVID-related per se, but perhaps on our minds as, one year ago, we were missing the usual summer hum of visitors, student tours and other events. It’s been wonderful to have meetings in person, visit with colleagues while sitting outside on the Oval and see people enjoying the campus. Thank you to our grounds maintenance team for keeping our campus beautiful.

Updated CDC Guidance Related to COVID-19

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued updated guidance for colleges and universities regarding COVID-19. This guidance is split into four sections to support institutions of higher education in their decision-making:

Section 1: Offer and Promote COVID-19 Vaccination

Section 2: Guidance for IHEs Where Everyone is Fully Vaccinated

Section 3: Guidance for IHEs Where Not Everyone is Fully Vaccinated

Section 4: General Considerations for All IHEs

UM’s COVID Response Team, Campus Preparedness and Response Group, and the Planning Area leads are in the process of reviewing and updating plans that consider this updated CDC guidance, as well as guidance from OCHE. The updated plans should be available on UM’s coronavirus website by mid-July.

REMINDER: Telework Agreements Must be Renewed Before July 1

As shared in a campus message in May, supervisors and employees should prepare to transition from pandemic-related telecommuting to working on campus, with the goal of July 1 to return to our usual in-person operations. Employees requesting to work remotely as a reasonable accommodation for a disability must contact Michele Wheeler regarding the status of their accommodation.

Classroom Configurations Continue Through Summer

The Facilities Services team is hard at work preparing classrooms and other campus spaces for fall semester. You may recall that summer is a time of transition, so please be patient as we work through this process. It is most efficient for our facilities personnel to work building by building, so if you have a timely need in a building that isn’t completed yet, please use the work-order system to make a request. Also, as classrooms are reset, please refrain from moving additional furniture, equipment or other items without working with Facilities Services. Updated classroom capacities, layouts, etc., are in process. Thanks for your help in ensuring a smooth transition.

COVID-19 Variants of Concern

You may have heard recently about the Delta variant of coronavirus. Earlier this week, the CDC labeled it as a “variant of concern” in the United States.

The CDC website provides in-depth background on variant classifications and definitions and the role of the CDC in tracking variants.

According to the National Institutes of Health, two doses of the Pfizer vaccine were shown to be 88% effective against the Delta variant, which is significantly more transmissible. During a White House briefing on June 8, Dr. Anthony Fauci encouraged vaccination and stressed the importance of receiving the second dose if you’re receiving a two-dose vaccine.

UM Health Services Pharmacy Offers Pfizer Vaccine for 12+

The next four vaccine clinics at the pharmacy inside Curry Health Center are:

  • Friday, June 18
  • Tuesday, June 22
  • Friday, June 25
  • Monday, June 28

There are still slots available for all four days. Visit the Missoula County vaccination portal to make an appointment. 

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