March 11, 2021



Pandemic Fatigue: We’re all feeling it

We’re approaching the one-year anniversary of Montana’s first coronavirus cases and the start of what has been a year of anxiety, uncertainty and disruption. We are tired. Pandemic fatigue is real, and it has the potential to derail the progress in bringing the global pandemic under control. Specifically, it can cause us to become lax with protective measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Here’s a piece from Johns Hopkins University titled “The ills of pandemic fatigue.”

Please continue to practice the mitigations that are proven to reduce COVID-19 transmission by remembering the 3Ws: Wash hands, Wear Masks and Watch your distance.

Missoula Now Offers Asymptomatic Testing at Flynn Lane Testing Center

As of March 8, Missoula County residents in the following occupations can make an appointment to get tested regardless of whether they are experiencing symptoms or have known exposure to COVID-19:

  • Health care workers
  • School personnel (teachers, aides, janitors, childcare staff etc.)
  • First responders
  • Grocery store employees
  • Food service employees
  • Gym employees
  • Public transit workers (includes school bus drivers)
  • Personal care workers (hair stylists, massage therapists, tattoo artists, etc.)
  • Government workers (mail delivery, etc.)
  • Guests and residents of congregate settings

UM students can also schedule symptomatic or asymptomatic COVID-19 tests by calling the Curry Health Center at 406-243-2122.

UM Event Guidelines Were Updated Based on
Missoula City-County Board of Health Rules

UM-sponsored meetings, gatherings and events must adhere to the following guidelines, which mirror many of UM’s classroom mitigation strategies and structures:

  1. In-person event capacity may now be over 25 people, but events must continue to be highly structured with risk mitigation planning.
  2. Gatherings with over 25 in-person participants will still need to fill out the UM risk mitigation plan.
    1. Gatherings with over 50 participants indoors and 100 outdoors will need to submit an application to the Missoula County health department. CES can assist with this application.
  3. Masks must be worn during the entire gathering, except when actively eating or drinking.
  4. Participants must practice physical distancing of six feet apart from other participants at all times.
    1. Exceptions to this rule can be requested and will be evaluated a case-by-case basis.
  5. Gatherings no longer need to collect in-person records for contract tracing purposes. ASUM groups still must provide a sign-in sheet for ASUM records.
  6. Gatherings and activities that will include singing, wind instruments or dance, must follow specific guidelines that mirror classroom mitigations.
  7. Outdoor athletic/sport activities are allowed.
  8. Indoor athletic/sport activities will be allowed with the following guidelines:
    1. Participants agree to wear masks during the entirety of the activity; and
    2. Participants agree to maintain a six-foot physical distance from other participants. Exceptions to this rule can be requested and will be evaluated case by case.
  9. If groups have event/gatherings ideas but are not sure how their event will fit within these guidelines, please reach out to CES to discuss options.

Missoula County is in Phase 1B+ for COVID-19 Vaccination

As we move through the vaccine phases, all previously-open phases also are included. For example, if you were in Tier 1 of Phase 1b and haven’t received your vaccine, you can still receive it in Phase 1B+. Those specifically mentioned in Phase 1B+ are:

  • Missoula County residents ages 60-plus.
  • a
  • Missoula County residents ages 16 to 59 with the following health conditions:
    • Asthma (moderate to severe).
    • Cerebrovascular disease.
    • Cystic fibrosis.
    • Weakened immune system from blood or bone marrow transplant, immune deficiencies, HIV,  use of corticosteroids or other immune-weakening medicines.
    • Neurologic conditions, such as dementia.
    • Liver disease.
    • Pulmonary fibrosis.
    • Thalassemia.

Missoula County vaccine information, including phases and providers, is on the county website.

Visit to find local pharmacies participating in the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program.

a If you have a question, please respond to this email, which is managed by UM’s COVID Response Team.
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