Grading Options for Spring Semester

March 27, 2020

Dear Students and Colleagues,

Thursday, the Faculty Senate discussed alternate grading options for spring semester. The senate passed a Complete Credit/Credit/No Credit grading provision for undergraduate students. The Graduate Council and the Graduate School will discuss an alternate grading provision for graduate students next week.

Please read the full provision online. Here are the main points: 

  • Alternate grading provides students with more flexibility and allows them to focus on achieving course outcomes without the inherent anxiety of traditional letter grades. 
  • A Complete Credit (CCR) designation reflects performance at any of the levels A, B or C (C- or above) and designates adequate understanding of the subject matter and adequate preparation for more advanced work in the field. Courses completed with a CCR grade will qualify as prerequisites and will satisfy degree or general education requirements at UM or other Montana University System campuses.
  • A Credit (CR) designation reflects minimally acceptable performance at any D level (D- through D+). Courses completed with a CR grade qualify as prerequisites and satisfy degree requirements only in those instances where a CR is normally accepted.
  • The No Credit (NCR) designation is for work of failing quality (F). 
  • Faculty will determine letter grades, as usual.
  • Students will then have the option of choosing Complete Credit/Credit/No Credit grading for any number of their courses, up to seven calendar days after their final letter grade is posted to their transcript by the Registrar.
  • UM will include a designation on students’ transcripts, indicating the extraordinary circumstances of the global public health emergency during spring 2020.

I am proud that our academic community has developed a solution that can take some pressure off our undergraduates and give them some options in light of the current circumstances. I look forward to a similarly helpful provision geared toward UM’s graduate students soon.

This outcome is one example of the collaborative spirit and resilience in our community. This week, our community adapted to working, teaching and learning in a new way, with remarkable success. I want to express my profound gratitude for your efforts. 

Take care of yourselves and perhaps discover some positive aspects of our current shelter-in-place situation this weekend. 

Jon Harbor

UM Provost