Sept. 25, 2020: Clarification Regarding New COVID Cases


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Dear Campus Community,


We write to provide important clarification regarding our message earlier today about COVID-19 cases and observations about trends and mask-wearing.


Our inclusion of music instruction as contributing to current campus cases was made in error. To date there have been no cases of COVID-19 exposure or transmission that can be attributed to music instruction.

The School of Music has one of the most thorough and proactive mitigation plans for reducing COVID-19 risks on our campus. Music building protocols include strict adherence to disinfection, managing congested areas, dividing ensembles into smaller groups and rehearsing in larger spaces or outdoors whenever weather permits. Not only do musicians wear masks, they have special covers and equipment for their instruments as well. Voice students sing with masks on, even outside, except in very specific situations, and even then there are additional mitigation measures in place.

We apologize to students, faculty and staff for this error.


UM Covid Response Team (CRT)
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