Rozlyn Haley

Rozlyn and Nate

Weight training was always been intimidating to me. “What if I do it wrong?” or “Does this look silly?” are questions that plagued me when I considered weight training independently. I also imagined myself lying flat on the ground, pinned by a barbell, and people looking at me wondering what that old lady just tried to do. (I’m only 47.) Then I settled for running or an activity that I was comfortable with and wasn't too challenging.

I started with a Campus Recreation personal trainer because of the MUS Wellness Take Control program, but I have continued because I believe it is the best investment in myself.

Before I started the program, I would have back pain in the line at the grocery store. I was afraid of lifting heavy things because I didn’t want to hurt myself. I stopped doing certain things because I was getting older.

A personal trainer customizes your routine to optimize the kind of results that will have the best impact on you and your life. In my case, I sit at a desk or chair during the majority of the workday. My arms and shoulders curved forward, and I hunched over to look at my phone. As a result, the muscles in my body grew out of balance for other activities, and that affected how my body felt. My personal trainer customized a routine to take advantage of my flexibility and focus on balancing the muscles in my body. Now I manage to pull off a solid deadlift that would make some people jealous.

Rozlyn and Nate

Once I started calculating the cost of personal training, I realized that I easily spend much more than that on entertainment every year. That is a “for me” expense. When I told my 76-year-old father about this investment he told me that was the smartest investment I could make. He suffers from aches and pains that we tend to excuse as the price of getting old. If that is how we gauge age, thanks to my personal trainer, I’m getting younger!