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Are you interested in learning more about Campus Recreation programs and operations? Do you want to gain valuable experience and build your resume? Join our team!

Campus Recreation employs 125+ students across diverse program areas each semester. Each job offers opportunities to learn skills, advance, meet new friends and get more involved in collegiate recreation, sports and fitness.

Work hours are always scheduled around your classes. Plus, we accept work-study, and some positions could fulfill requirements for an academic internship.

Current Openings (Students)

  • None at this time

How to Apply

You may apply for open positions on Handshake, the online recruiting platform for University of Montana students, unless otherwise noted.

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Student Job Descriptions

Applicants must be University of Montana students registered for at least six credits throughout the academic year. Click through the tabs below to explore Campus Recreation employment opportunities.

If you are interested in becoming part of the Grizzly Pool staff at Campus Recreation, please submit a Grizzly Pool job application to tonya.kiser@mso.umt.edu.


Providing direct supervision over the entire pool area, lifeguards maintain lifeguard skills through in-service and training. They follow and enforce all Grizzly Pool rules, regulations and policies.  Applicants must have a current Lifeguard certification.

Swim Instructor

Swim instructors teach swim lessons to individuals of all ages and skill levels according to Grizzly Pool standards and guidelines. They follow and enforce all pool rules and policies.  Applicants must have current CPR/AED and First Aid certification.

Maintenance Tech

To provide light cleaning duties and to follow and enforce all Grizzly Pool rules, regulations and policies. Applicants must have current CPR/AED and First Aid certifications.

Contact:  Tonya Kiser

Facilities staff gain customer service, communication and time management experience by being the front-line representatives of Campus Recreation at the Fitness & Recreation Center. Facility staff shifts are scheduled in the early morning, mid-day, late night and throughout weekends and University breaks.


Custodians perform cleaning duties in Campus Recreation facilities (Fitness and Recreation Center and Grizzly Pool). Work is performed during the evening hours (approximately 9 p.m.-1 a.m. or 10 p.m.-2 a.m.) on various days.

Contact:  Brian Fruit

Front Desk/Equipment Desk Facilities Staff

Facilities staff are trained and scheduled at both the front desk and equipment desk work areas. They provide an inviting atmosphere for students, staff, faculty and guests using the Fitness & Recreation Center (FRC). Additionally, they help the University community with membership sales and program registration, assist with tours of the FRC, actively follow and enforce Campus Recreation rules and policies, monitor the facility for immediate safety issues, complete daily cleaning duties, manage locker rentals, answer questions in person and over the phone, and complete opening and closing procedures. Applicants must maintain current CPR/AED and First Aid certifications from an approved provider.

Facilities Supervisor

The position of facility supervisor is an appointment earned by students who have proven their reliability, strong work ethic and leadership potential through their employment at the front desk/equipment desk at the Fitness & Recreation Center. Supervisors manage the facility during non-business hours and gain valuable experience hiring, training and scheduling the facilities staff.  They also oversee the opening and closing of the facility and are often the leads for projects.

Contact:  Eric Aschim

There is no greater job than being able to sweat together and motivate others on the journey to better health! Fitness instructors and personal trainers at Campus Recreation hone their time management, listening and communication skills on the job and advance as fitness professionals through continuing education and constructive evaluation by peers and supervisors. Schedules for positions within Fitness Programs are flexible, and rates of pay are variable based on experience, certifications and performance.

Fitness Instructor

Group fitness instructors provide over 40 fun, effective and safe fitness classes per week, preparing and facilitating exercise experiences in formats including mind and body, cycling, HIIT, strength, dance and cardio. A person interested in joining Fitness Programs as group fitness instructor must have a current First Aid/CPR/AED certification and a nationally-recognized group fitness certification such as ACE, AFAA or NASM or have completed format-specific training such as OULA, Les Mills, etc.

Personal Trainer

Personal trainers design individualized training programs tailored to the health and fitness goals of their clients. They provide accountability, exercise prescription and motivation to aid their clients in achieving more. Working a minimum of two personal training shifts (two to three hours per week), personal trainers also teach at least one group fitness class per semester. An aspiring Campus Recreation personal trainer must have a current First Aid/CPR/AED certification and a nationally-recognized personal training certification such as ACE, NASM, ACSM or NSCA-CPT.

Contact:  Kelsey Whittaker

Please see the Freshman Wilderness Experience website for details.


An intramural sports official is the foremost individual in the intramural sports program. Those selected demonstrate above-average knowledge of rules and officiating procedures, and they gain experience mediating difficult game situations and enforcing rules without bias. They should maintain a positive attitude on-site and should always strive to improve officiating skills.

Lead Official

Intramural sports lead officials are appointed and assume the same responsibilities as an official but are also responsible for delivering equipment to and from the sports facilities, mentoring officials, filling out sports-specific paperwork and reports and communicating incidents and accidents to the intramural student manager. 

 Intramural Sports Manager

The intramural sports manager oversees the daily operations of all programs.  Those selected for this position review, update and enforce sport rules and regulations; utilize IMLeagues.com for online schedules and standings; review IM Sports program policies and procedures, sport-specific rules and IMLeagues.com usage; monitor and maintain intramurals equipment; assist with IM Sports program personnel and equipment replacement budget; officiate/supervise intramural sports to provide guidance and support for student  officials; and assist with hiring, training, scheduling, supervision and evaluating officials, supervisors and scorekeepers.

Contact:  Natalie Hiller-Claridge

Pro Shop Assistant

Pro shop assistants gain experience in business operations, accounting skills, communication and networking. This position is responsible for all front-end customer service, including sales transactions and scheduling tee times over the phone. Pro shop assistants also get outside, picking up range balls as needed and washing and maintaining power carts and rental clubs. Hours for this position are flexible. Knowledge of golf is helpful but not required. 

Contact:  Chris Anderson

Grounds Crew/Maintenance Tech

If you like working outdoors and watching the sunrise, and the heat and cold weather don't bother you, a position as a golf course maintenance tech might be for you! Tasks involve physical labor such as lifting, digging and taking. While gaining a thorough understanding of golf course maintenance, employees also learn to work as a team, build accountability and develop a strong work ethic, which are qualities and skills perfect for any resume. This position starts at minimum wage.

Contact:  Tom Burt

Marketing and operations employees collaborate with the assistant director of operations and marketing and other Campus Recreation staff. Marketing assistants promote Campus Recreation programs and events, and operations assistants support critical administrative business operations. Employees have flexible work schedules in the Campus Recreation administration office during regular business hours (8 a.m.-5 p.m.) and competitive wages.

Graphic Design & Media Assistant

Developing layout and design skills through hands-on practice, the graphic design & media assistant creates promotional materials such as flyers, posters, displays, digital signs, graphics for social media and brochures. With guidance, the graphic design & media assistant also learns to manage content on Campus Recreation websites using the Cascade CMS and HTML. Media arts and business majors are often well suited to this position, but it is open to all reliable self-starters with a creative eye, graphic design skills, familiarity with Photoshop/Adobe Creative Suite and a positive attitude. Demonstrated professionalism, ability to follow through on projects and attention to detail are expected. The position also entails staying up to date on trends in graphic design as well as the ability to meet important deadlines.

Marketing Assistant

Working to increase brand awareness, marketing assistants help to create unique and engaging social media content, brainstorm campaigns, publish online calendar posts and coordinate promotional events. They learn strategies and tips, leverage tools to manage content. Students majoring in journalism, communications, English, or business will often excel in the role of marketing assistant, but it is open to students of all majors interested in becoming stronger writers and creators. A candidate for this position must have excellent communication skills and be a reliable self-starter with a positive attitude. Social media marketing and photography experience is a plus. Demonstrated professionalism, ability to follow through on projects and attention to detail are expected. The position also entails staying up to date on trends in social media and fitness, sports, and recreation as well as creating consistent content and marketing strategies for Campus Recreation social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).

Operations Assistant

The operations assistant gains experience working in an office environment, learning to use Campus Recreation operational software and developing organizational and accounting skills to reconcile daily deposits for four points of sale. The operations assisant also manages merchandise inventory and other administrative tasks. A candidate for this position must be a reliable self-starter with a positive attitude. Demonstrated professionalism and attention to detail are expected.

Contact:  Andi Armstrong

Contact:  Elizabeth Fricke

Youth Camps staff help our community's children develop lifelong love for recreation. Their job is to mentor, coach and provide a safe environment for campers to play, engage, learn and grow as individuals. Students majoring in education and parks, tourism & recreation management gain experience in classroom management and can directly apply what they have learned as Youth Camps counselors throughout careers in their fields. Counselor positions are open to all students who enjoy working with children, however, and counselors develop skills applicable to any course of study or work environment:  Teamwork, communication, leadership, organization and time management. A valuable summer employment experience, Youth Camps offers full-time seasonal summer work, competitive pay and opportunities for advancement for returning counselors.

Camp Counselor

Camp counselors supervise campers and daily camp operations, ensuring a safe and supportive environment for participants and staff. Collaborating with directors and assistant directors, counselors play a key role in the administration of a comprehensive camp for children to explore a variety of non-motorized recreational opportunities such as fitness activities, educational sessions and field trips, swimming, crafts, and outdoor adventures.  Each week, counselors research the activities and then demonstrate and teach them to the campers.

Lead Counselor

Reporting to Youth Camps assistant directors, lead counselors assist in planning Youth Camps and support marketing and counselor recruitment efforts, lead the hiring and training of counseling staff, and assist in improving and expanding the existing curriculum, policies, guidelines and procedures. Their responsibilities include supervising and assisting counselors throughout the camp day and assuring safety, smooth transitions and successful activities. They also encourage and support campers and parents in feeling welcome. Lead counselors learn to work as a team with the camp director, assistant directors, two other lead counselors, counselors and other Campus Recreation staff.

Assistant Director

The assistant director collaborates with the camp director and lead counselors in the design and implementation of Youth Camps while also actively participating in and supervising the overall daily camp operations. The assistant director hires, supervises and trains camp counselors and assists in developing the overall policies, guidelines and procedures and works to administer a consistent method to enforce them. 

Contact:  Natalie Hiller-Claridge

Professional & Non-Student

Current Openings (Professional)

  • None at this time

How to Apply

For professional staff positions, please apply at UM Jobs, managed by University of Montana Human Resource Services.

Current Openings (Non-students)

Are you a certified group fitness instructor with experience teaching cycling or strength-based classes? We're looking for experienced instructors to coach our students and staff. Check out the details below!

cycling class
Instructor Responsibilities
  • Regularly teach 1-2 motivating and energizing classes per week
  • Efficiently set up and clean up each class
  • Maintain positive relationships with other instructors and participants
  • Keep an accurate timesheet to be submitted biweekly
  • Demonstrate consistent and timely communication with fitness team
  • Maintain appropriate certifications for the duration of employment
Required Qualifications
  • Demonstrated experience in teaching cycling and/or strength-based classes
  • Current nationally accredited group exercise or cycling specialty certification
  • Current CPR/AED/First Aid certification
How to Apply

Please send resumes and cover letters to Kelsey, senior assistant director for fitness, at kelsey.whittaker@mso.umt.edu.