Dear Parents,

Curry Health Center is here to help and support your student while they attend the University of Montana.  We specialize in student care and we aim to create greater student success in school and in student lives.  Please visit our  Mission, Vision, and Values page to get a clear idea of who we are.

Students who have paid the Curry Health Service Fee are eligible to receive Curry Health Center clinical (or, medical, dental, and counseling) services. Students enrolled in seven or more credits pay this fee with tuition and fees. Students enrolled in fewer than seven credits must call Curry Health Center to elect to pay the Health Services Fee in order to receive Curry Health Center clinical services.  All students are eligible for Wellness services and for the services of SARC

Benefits of coming to Curry Health Center for your Student:

Curry Health Center is on campus, convenient, and an excellent value for health care for your child.  Full time students at the University of Montana pay, as part of their comprehensive fees, a Curry Health Services fee that makes them eligible for the clinical services of the health center which includes a medical clinic, a dental clinic, and a counseling clinic.  Our health center is staffed with board certified primary care physicians and a psychiatrist, we have dentists, and we have psychologists and counselors to provide services to students. 

We are conveniently located on campus, next to the Gallagher School of Business and across from the School of Law, and have extended hours during which we provide care.  We encourage you to remind your child that if they have health care needs, they should make Curry Health Center their first stop.  We provide an array of services on site, and can make referrals for care in the Missoula community as appropriate as well.  The health center includes lab, X-ray, and a pharmacy, for student convenience and service.

Curry Health Center provides clinical services that are an excellent value, with highly trained clinical staff that specializes in college health.  Visits to the counseling and medical clinics are affordable, with an $25 visit charge.  Charges for lab work or X-rays are reasonable, and dental fees are low, and all compare very favorably with community rates.  We strive to eliminate barriers to care, so that students receive the care they need.  While we do not bill insurance, other than the student insurance plan, we are happy to provide an itemized statement of charges that may be submitted to insurance for reimbursement.   

We welcome questions or comments about Curry Health Center.  Please contact us if we can be of service.


     Rick Curtis

    Director, Curry Health Center