Curry Health Center offers services that benefit veterans in addition to civilians.

We have our Medical, Dental, Counseling, SARC, and Wellness services if you need help with something while you're on campus. There are low-cost fees associated with Medical, Dental, and Counseling.  SARC and Wellness generally have free services.

HHP Mind Body Lab includes an ongoing Mindful Resilience Training Program for UM Veterans, including weekly classes for yoga and meditation as well as Veteran led social support groups and events geared specifically to address the needs of our students who have served. Our Lab also serves as a self-paced environment for all students to explore various resources for mind body health. For more information visit the (link) Mind Body Lab page or stop by the lab in McGill Hall 114.

Missoula Vet Center is now able to see UM Veterans on campus for counseling. Services are available on Tuesdays at the Curry Health Center. Contact the Missoula Vet Center at 721-4918 to schedule an appointment and ask for Natalee Charlton, LCSW.

Optimal Bear for Vets is a specialized wellness coaching program from Curry Health Center Wellness that is tailored to Veterans.  The staff and peers providing the coaching have attended special trainings to help veterans specifically.  For more information visit the Optimal Bear web page.