The Curry Health Center will never refuse service to a student. However, we are not a Medicaid Passport Provider. Medicaid will not pay for services provided by us. Nor will they reimburse students who pay for services on their own that are provided by us. Charges for services are billed to the student’s account and the student is solely responsible for payment. 

Montana Medicaid

Montana Medicaid clients who are enrolled in government coverage at the time of registration are not required to purchase the student health insurance plan. However, as a condition of keeping their medical assistance, they are required, per Medicaid, to apply for the Health Insurance Premium Payment (HIPP) program if they meet the criteria to do so.*

The HIPP program is a program through Medicaid that uses government funds to purchase additional healthcare coverage for its established clients when it’s deemed cost effective to do so. The concept is to give eligible clients extra coverage. Not take away the coverage they already have. Thereby, not only saving tax payers money, but providing dual coverage to the clients resulting in more doors opening for care.

*PLEASE BE ADVISED: Failure to comply with a Medicaid directive could result in the cancellation of medical coverage for all adults in the household.*

To Apply for the Program

Obtain an application packet from the student insurance office BEFORE the 15th class day. Packets can be obtained by either:

  • Visiting the lobby of the Curry Health Center beginning the day semester bills are available.
  • Emailing your request for a packet from your official University of Montana email account, along with your 790#, to

Please, contact the HIPP program directly at 1-800-694-3084 or with any questions you have regarding the program. 

Medicaid Coverage from Outside of Montana

Per, Medicaid does not transfer from state to state. However, Government citation 42 CFR 431.52 cites exceptions where a recipient can receive services from another state and have them billed to the home state’s Medicaid system.

Although attending school outside of your home state is not a declared exception, the citation states that claims from an emergency room visit in one state can be submitted to another states Medicaid system. Therefore,   Medicaid coverage from states outside of Montana will be accepted as catastrophic coverage to satisfy the insurance requirement and students with this coverage can refuse the student health insurance plan. 

However, you must understand that although the coverage will satisfy the insurance requirement for the university, services provided outside of a hospital emergency room visit (including prescriptions) cannot be billed to your home state’s Medicaid system and payment for the services is your responsibility. Additionally, your care in the community may be limited because Montana providers cannot bill your home state’s Medicaid system.

Resources are available for assistance with obtaining affordable healthcare coverage, as well as applying Montana Medicaid. Email your request for resources to Please, include your 790#. 

For questions or more information, please, contact the Student Insurance Advocate at 406-243-2844, or by email to Please include the 790# student ID number.