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Peers Reaching Out (PRO)-trained student leaders in health and wellness outreach and education.

The PROs are Peer Wellness Educators who are current undergraduate students at the University of Montana who facilitate peer-to-peer dialogue and learning on a variety of health and wellness topics. The dialogue put forth by the PROs promote life-long behaviors that support mental well-being, a healthy lifestyle, coping with stress through resiliency, and substance use education. Those participating in PROs work closely with many campus Depatments and partners creating a culture of health.

PROs receive in depth training though the Peer Health Education Course and work closely with Wellness staff as they grow their skills in health and wellness promotion and prevention work.

Meet the PROs

Why be a PRO?

  • It's a group for wellness-minded people. 
  • Earn credit while engaging in meaningful opportunities.
  • Develop leadership skills. 
  • Gain professional skills in public speaking, group facilitation, outreach, podcast development, and social media. 
  • Obtain expertise in health-related fields.
  • Gain Experience for futhering education or future employment.
  • Network with different campus departments and partners.

How to become a PRO

  • Register for CH 395 and take the semester long course training, then participate in the practicum as a PRO gaining the skills above


Student Health Advisory Committee is a group of students that help support the mission, vision, and values of Curry Health Center. Members of SHAC will gain an understanding of Curry Health Center services as well as navigating health care at UM. SHAC offers experience working with other students and CHC administrators to positively influence the health and well-being of the campus. 


  • Create an organized dialogue between students and administration about student health and well-being, and Curry Health Center Programs and Services. 
  • Provide program and service advice/consultation. 
  • Identify educational and informational needs of students. 
  • Address barriers related to seeking care and provide feedback around accessibility and ease of use. 
  • Assess emerging student issues and keep CHC connected to student life and campus. 
  • Assess perception of CHC services. 


As a member of the Student Health Advisory Committee, you will have the opportunity  to: 

  • Develop insight about healthcare in a college setting and relay student input to Curry Health Center 
  • Work directly with Curry Health Center administration 
  • Volunteer at CHC-sponsored events around campus 
  • Help plan campus-wide events that promote student awareness for Curry Health Center's health and wellness resources 
  • Develop leadership and professional skills 
  • Network with fellow students and Curry Health Center staff 


Please email to with a letter of interest and contact information to participate in SHAC. 


Volunteer Programming Proposal  

The Peer Wellness Advocate (PWA) program is a student volunteer opportunity through  the Wellness department at Curry Health Center.   

Goal: The goal of the Peer Wellness Advocate programs is to create an opportunity for U of M students to support fellow peers health and well-being in conjunction with the  Curry Health Center Wellness.  


  • The PWA will create frequent accessible volunteer opportunities for students to connect with fellow UM peers to support their health and well-being.  
  • To continue to work to create a campus culture that is passionate & supportive of the health and well-being of UM students via the PWA program. 
  • Increase capacity for communicating health education & timely health information with the student body via the PWA program.  

Peer Wellness Advocates Expectations: 

  • Attend and complete 1.5 hour training 
  • Attend monthly meetings with the PWA group-meeting will be recurring at the same time and date each semester. 
  • Complete at least 15 hours or volunteer work over the semester 
  • Sign and adhere to confidentiality agreement  

How The Peer Wellness Advocates will benefit the student:  

  • Boost public speaking skills 
  • Gain leadership experience 
  • Meet other people on campus 
  • Learn affective presentation skills 
  • Learn effective communication skills 
  • Gain in depth knowledge on health and wellness topics 
  • Make new networking contacts across campus  
  • Gain resume worthy experience 
  • Increase the health and wellness amongst peers 

Program Overview Expectations: 

Have one meeting a month to check-in with volunteers and also discus upcoming events and answer questions.   

Please email to to inquire about the Peer Wellness Advocate Program  


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