Stress Busting Kits

In order to limit contact, we are now offering FREE virtual or phone appointments. You will receive an email with the stress busting kit documents. Once your appointment is confirmed you will receive information about how to pick up the goodies to go along with your kit.

Need help managing stress? These FREE 30 minute appointments with a peer health coach can help you address the causes of your stress with non-medication strategies to manage your stress and anxiety. Learn techniques to prevent and reduce stress, as well as how to better manage the stress we can’t avoid. You will receive a Stress Kit with goodies and information on stress management techniques like  aromatherapy, breathing, time management, and some great apps to help you get started.

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 impact on the UM campus, CHC Wellness has created a COVID-19 Virtual Stress Busting Kit for you. Inside you'll find tips, tricks, and links to help you stay motivated, moving, and even relaxed in stressful times. Be Well UM!