Curry Health Center

Curry Health Center

Wellness Team

Kayli Julius

Kayli Julius

Wellness Director-NBHWC Health Coach

Student Staff

All student employees can be reached via e-mail or phone: 406-243-2809.

PRO Coordinator

  • Zoey Osborne

Office Assistants

  • Hannah Ryan
  • Jordyn Jackson

Social Media Coordinator

  • Emily Martin

Media Artist

  • Ben Vanderbosch

Podcast Team

  • Rae Gordon -Host
  • Kendall Buttler -Host
  • Alex Donaldson -Health Buzz Coordinator/Health Nut Blogger
  • Tori Tippett -Health Buzz Editor



Peer Health & Wellness Education

Student Leaders in Health and Wellness-PROs (Peer Wellness Educators)  

The PROs are Peer Wellness Educators who are current undergraduate students at University at Montana who facilitate peer-to-peer dialogue and learning on a variety of health and wellness topics. The topics are aimed at promoting life-long behaviors that support mental health, healthy lifestyle, and overall well-being. PROs receive in-depth training through a Peer Health Education course and work closely with Wellness staff as they grow their skills in health promotion and prevention work. 


Brooklyn Bohannon  

Truman Cowan 

Olivia Frazier 

Makenna Freeman  

Rachel Gebhart 

Carli Kassner 

Dana Kingfisher 

Olivia Perez 

Catie Semadeni 

Whitney Webber