Information For Students

Students can now set up a parent/other as a proxy to pay their bill.  You only need the person’s name and email address. Follow these quick and easy steps:

  • Log into Cyberbear
  • Select ‘Griz Family Portal’ from the Student Profile page (you may have to scroll to the bottom)
  • Accept the FERPA terms
  • Select ‘Go to Griz Family Portal Menu’
  • Select ‘Griz Family Portal Management’
  • Select ‘Add Proxy’
  • Input the proxy’s First Name, Last Name & Email address
  • Click ‘Add Proxy’
  • Click on ‘Expand Proxy Name’ where proxy name is the name of your proxy
  • Select a Relationship for this proxy
  • Input a ‘Description’
  • Enter a ‘Passphrase’ and click on ‘E-mail Passphrase’
  • Select the ‘Authorization’ tab to grant access to your proxy
  • Click on the checkbox(es) of the tasks you want your proxy to have

That’s it!  Your proxy will receive an email with instructions on how to access the pages you granted.