Local and Sustainable Food Procurement

UM Farm to College

Serving exceptional food starts with finding the best ingredients. UM Dining knows that great ingredients come from farmers and ranchers that take pride in their products and treat their land and animals with care and respect. That’s why in 2003, UM Dining started the Farm to College program—a local procurement program designed to bring more responsibly raised and grown Montana products to campus. Over the years, UM Dining has spent over $7.9 million supporting Montana farmers and ranchers through the UM Farm to College program. UM Dining understands that in order to create a better food system we need to invest in our local agricultural economy and support those producers committed to sustainable practices. The Farm to College program not only means better food for our guests, it also means a better future for agriculture here in Montana.   

UMD Sustainable

For products that can’t be sourced locally, UM Dining created the UMD Sustainable program. UMD Sustainable extends UMD’s commitment to supporting better food systems by ensuring that products like coffee and chocolate are sourced from companies that use responsible practices and are certified by independent third party organizations.

Real Food Challenge

The University of Montana was the first university in the Pacific and Inland Northwest to sign the Real Food Campus Commitment (RFCC). The RFCC is supported by the Real Food Challenge, a national student organization that helps mobilize student food activists to shift university food purchases toward local, fair, and humanely produced foods. The RFCC asks organizations to commit to a certain percentage of “Real Food” purchases. After surpassing its initial commitment, UM Dining has continued  as a leader in the Real Food Challenge.