Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What qualifies me as a "student" for work purpose?

A: You must be enrolled for 6 or more credits at the University of Montana (Missoula campuses). You must present a picture ID (Griz Card, driver's license, or valid passport) and a Social Security Card. International students have the following additional requirements: a Social Security Card, an I-20 form, a valid passport, and a letter from the Office of Foreign Student Services.

Q: Can I work in more than one operation?

A: Yes. You can work in multiple operations if necessary to accommodate the schedule and amount of hours you want. Student employees must not exceed 29 hours per week.

Q: Will my work schedule change all the time?

A: Generally no, unless you sub or there is a special event in your unit.  Catering and concessions student employees are scheduled on an as-needed event-driven basis.

Q: What if I need to take a scheduled day off?

A: It is your responsibility to find a sub for your shift. Typically, a coworker looking for extra hours will "sub" for you.  For special circumstances, the full-time unit manager will work with you when you provide sufficient lead time to make alternative arrangements.

Q: When do I get to eat my free meal?

A: You become eligible for a free meal only after completing a shift of three or more consecutive hours. Due to state and federal guidelines, the meal must be consumed in an approved MD venue and must not be shared with others.

Q: When are the paydays and pay periods?

A: Students are paid on a semi-monthly basis with periods running from the 2nd through 18th and the 19th through the 1st day of the following month. Students are generally paid on the 1st and 15th of each month, depending on University holidays.  The exact pay dates and cycles can be found on the UM Human Resources website.

Q: How do I get paid?

A: You can elect to be paid via direct deposit or to receive paper checks.  Paper checks are available on the noted payroll dates (See Semi-monthly pay schedule), in the Human Resources office of the Lommasson Center, Room 252.  You must present a photo ID in order to pick up your check.  

Q: What will I need to get hired?

A: You must present a picture ID (Griz Card, driver's license, or valid passport) and proof of citizenship (a social security card or birth certificate), or a valid U.S. passport.  International students have the following additional requirements: a social security card, an I-20 form, an I-94 form,  a valid passport, and a letter from the Office of Foreign Student Services.

Q: What is the starting wage?

A: The entry wage for new student employees is currently $8.50 per hour. Our Student Leadership Program has opportunities for higher wages, additional training, and advancement.

Q: If I am hired, is it for the whole year?

A: No, students are hired on a semester basis. To continue employment from semester to semester, please work with your unit supervisor to determine your hours of availability, based on your academic schedule.  You must be taking at least 6 credits per semester in order to maintain your status as a student employee, and be in good standing, both academically and with your unit, in order to return for consecutive semesters with Campus Dining. 

Q: Will I have to work during finals week?

A: Yes. Your unit manager or supervisor will work with you to be flexible around your finals schedule and you will not be required to work during your exam hours.

If your question was not answered, please contact Campus Dining's Human Resource Specialist at 243-5160.