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Little changes make a big difference!

December 21, 2020

Campus Dining has switched over to ecoSticks sweetener packets in all our locations.  Changing the brand of these little packets may not seem like a big deal, but the environmental impact of this change is bigger than you might think!  Americans reach for sugar and sweetener packets 150 million times every day.  If all of us switched to packets with the updated processes and packaging used by ecoSticks, in one year we would save 274,000 pounds of paper, 75,000 pounds of cardboard, 1.37 million pounds of corn, and 194 truckloads traveling across the country! Here is how ecoSticks brand sweetener packets compare to traditional sugar/sweetener packets…

Comparison of tradition sweetener packets vs. ecoSticks


Traditional packets



1 gram

.46 - .6 gm



67% reduction in packaging



50% reduction in fillers

Carbon Footprint


47% reduction in carbon footprint from production to being used!