At Campus Dining, we know it’s a lot more challenging to manage allergens when you or your family are no longer doing the shopping and cooking. Campus Dining can assist in providing you with the information and assistance needed to manage food allergies and intolerances, while still having an excellent dining experience. Here’s how we make it easier for you to manage your food allergies: 

  • The Campus Dining Registered Dietitian reviews all recipes and menu items for allergen presence and proper identification.
  • All full-time culinary staff are required to be ServSafe certified, which covers all aspects of food safety, including food allergen management.
  • Allergen icon identification is posted on our digital menu and individual menu item nutrition fact cards. Digital menus with ingredient lists and nutrition facts are available at
  • Our interactive online menu site allows you to filter out the allergens you wish to avoid – only menu items without those allergens are shown.
  • Campus Dining provides a designated area in the Food Zoo for gluten free and dairy free options.
  • Campus Dining’s Registered Dietitian is available to assist with dining options on campus and other accommodations – to schedule an appointment with the Registered Dietitian call: 406-243-2315

Look for these icons:

Wheat Tree Nuts Soy Shell Fish Peanut Milk Gluten Fish Egg

Food Allergy Disclaimer:

Campus Dining makes every effort to label food allergens; however, manufacturers may change their product formulation or consistency of ingredients without our knowledge and product availability may fluctuate.  Please be aware that food items are prepared in a shared kitchen and do pose a risk for cross-contact.  Therefore, it is ultimately the responsibility of the guest to judge whether or not to question ingredients or to choose to eat selected foods.

Food allergic guests must be their own advocates and exercise caution at all times. Guests who may need to use an Epi-Pen should carry their own while dining.  Campus Dining will not assume any liability for adverse reactions of foods consumed or for any cross-contact that can and inevitably occurs within a self-service venue. If you have any questions regarding ingredients, please consult our registered dietitian or a dining services manager.

Additional resources:

FARE: Food Allergy Research Foundation 

American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology 

Registered Dietitian Contact Information:

Laura Granlund, RDN, LN
Registered Dietitian
Campus Dining
114 Lommasson
University of Montana
(406) 243-2315