Captioning services

The role of the Captionist is to provide voice to text communication to students who do not use sign language and cannot access information presented orally. The Captionist produces text of the spoken information which is then displayed to the student on a laptop or monitor.

A transcript of the spoken content is given to the student for their use. However, transcripts are not shared with other students.


  • The C-Print captioning types the lecture material in a “meaning-for-meaning” format, not verbatim.
  • Communication Access Realties Translation (CART) provides a written, verbatim account of what is being said in the classroom.

Captioning for media instructional materials for classes

It is instructors’ responsibility to ensure that their media instructional materials are accessible.

Disability Services recommends that students be proactive and contact their instructors prior to the beginning of the class. The students should request their instructors to make certain the media instructional materials are captioned or subtitled.

Request for services or Questions

Contact Denise May, Lead Sign Language Interpreter
Phone: 406.243.2243 or 406.243.2481