Course Syllabus Statements

The Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Office and Disability Services for Students encourage faculty members to inform students of their intent to provide reasonable program modifications to them. This notice invites students to initiate the modification process in a respectful and effective way. We recommend that instructors include one of the following statements in their course syllabi. In addition to a written statement, we recommend that instructors announce their intent to provide reasonable modifications on the first day of class.

Option 1: Students with disabilities may request reasonable modifications by contacting me. The University of Montana assures equal access to instruction for students with disabilities in collaboration with instructors and Disability Services for Students, which is located in Lommasson Center 154. The University does not permit fundamental alterations of academic standards or retroactive modifications. 

Option 2: The University of Montana assures equal access to instruction through collaboration between students with disabilities, instructors, and Disability Services for Students. If you have a disability that adversely affects your academic performance, and you have not already registered with Disability Services, please contact Disability Services in Lommasson Center 154 or 406.243.2243. I will work with you and Disability Services to provide an appropriate modification.

Option 3: If you are a student with a disability and wish to request reasonable accommodations for this course, contact me privately to discuss the specific modifications. Please be advised, I may request that you provide a verification letter from Disability Services for Students. If you have not yet registered with Disability Services, located in Lommasson Center 154, please do so in order to coordinate your reasonable modifications. For more information, visit the Disability Services website at