Students with disabilities have the right to equal opportunities for education and participation in University activities. Students must meet or exceed the essential requirement of the University of Montana with or without reasonable accommodations. Students initiate the request for accommodations and services in a timely manner, communicate with faculty regarding accommodations, and work with their coordinators as needed.

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    Connect with ODE

    Do you wish to request reasonable accommodations for courses, exams, housing, accessible parking, and other activities? Let's connect with ODE.

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    What type of reasonable accommodations are available? Accommodations are modifications to nonessential academic requirements, reasonable changes to policies, procedures, and practices to eliminate a barrier.

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    Request accommodations

    Now you connect with ODE. What's next? Students initiate the request for accommodations for courses by informing their instructors. Students have rights and responsibilities. Don't wait as retroactive requests will not be honored.

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    Access to your verification letter

    Do you need your verification letter? Log in to the ODE's online system Accommodate. You can download your verification letter and your disability documentation. 

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    Wondering how ODE treats students' information? Confidentiality is paramount. That's why ODE does not disclose students' medical diagnoses or details about the student's disability to anyone.


Contact the office at or your coordinator assigned to you.